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Mario's Tribute to Billy Joels Motorcycles Oyster Bay NY

Billy Joels Bike Collection

Billy Joels Cycle collection Oyster Bay NY

Billy Joels 75+ Motorcycle collection

20th Century Cycles is open to the public with free admission

Billy Joels antique Jaguar

His Jaguar is registered, insured and ready to go for a drive

Here I am visiting Billy Joels Cycle shop in my hometown Oyster Bay NY

Motorcycles from all over the world

His collection continues to grow

.....And grow

Original Sunoco gas pump

His cycle collection grows to two tiers

....And 3 tiers

Unique art adorns his Cycle shop

Beautiful antique pickup truck part of Billy Joels collection

Cycles galore from all over the world

All the motorcycles are registered, insured and on a trickle charge

Billy Joel can arrive at any time and take any of his bikes out for a drive

Beautiful exotic antique bar

There is a full time crew of mechanics constantly tuning and maintaining all the motorcycles

All the motorcycles are charged up, oil changed and ready to roll

Great looking side car

Another side car cycle

Billy Joel takes his vintage Jaguar on his musical tours

Jaguar is ready to go on a world wide tour

Billy Joel in his shop

Currently over 75+ cycles in his shop

Billy Joel will take a bike for a ride in Oyster Bay and you can see him just riding around at any time

Billy Joel riding one of his many bikes around town

20th century Cycles Oyster Bay NY

Video and audio clips

Billy Joel - 20th Century Cycles - Part 1

Billy Joel - 20th Century Cycles - Part 2

Billy Joel - 20th Century Cycles - Part 3

Billy Joel & Brian Johnson take a tour of his shop.

Billy Joel & Brian Johnson You Shook Me All Night Long

Billy Joel - Piano Man


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Mario on Jan 1, 2023 said:

In 2010, Billy Joel opened 20th Century Cycles in Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York. Here they produce custom retro motorcycles and accessories.

20th Century Cycles is the culmination of Billy Joel’s love of motorcycles and his passion for motorcycle design. Since, in his opinion, he believes that vintage motorcycles look better and, since he also is aware that modern motorcycles tend to work better, all of the bikes in the collection have been transformed in one way or another into rideable, practical machines with a nod toward the past.

The shop, as it stands today, was born out of necessity: the need for space. As the collection grew it became apparent that in order to properly build, store and service the 75+ bikes in the collection a larger, more accommodating facility was needed. The perfect shop was found where they could do all of the things mentioned plus share the collection with the public in his hometown of Oyster Bay NY. Admission is Free. Enjoy! Mario

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azmusclecar on Jan 2, 2023 said:

Nice work Mario, something a little bit off the cuff here. I was waiting to find the pic of you and Billy jamming on stage. Nice the admission is free, helps visitors make an easy choice especially with kids. I guess these are "Restobikes", like we have our Restomods. Best of two worlds. Good looks and reliability. Sort of reminds me of..........ME!!

Okay that's my first lie in 2023. Pressure is off. Whew........

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Mario on Jan 2, 2023 said:

Hi Rob, thought I'd try something different "out of the box" since we're into the new year with this post.

No you don't want me on a stage singing that's for sure! Not one of my best talents. I can clear a room quicker than anyone else!

Have a great year and see you on American Torque. Cheers! Mario

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azmusclecar on Jan 2, 2023 said:

But the bigger question is:

IS Billy Joel as impressed meeting you as you are him?

I can hear Billy now...........

MARIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally neet the man the video game is named after!!!!

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Mario on Jan 3, 2023 said:

That's not exactly right but he did ask where's Luigi my Brother!

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