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1960's Chevrolet ads.

Original Chevrolet ads from 1960 to 1967.

Here are some 1960's Chevrolet ads from my collection. The 60's was an amazing era for Chevrolet with so many outstanding cars coming out of Chevrolets factory's. I apologize for the sideways pictures. Hope you enjoy the time travel. Cheers.


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Mario on Feb 27, 2023 said:

By the time the 60's Chevy ads came out I was now starting my teen years and more interested in the factual data such as engine size and HP. Styling was still important but I was intrigued by the HP race going on. These Chevy ads you posted also remind me of the dealer brochures I used to collect at the beginning of each model year. Fun hobby and it didn't cost anything. Great post George. Cheers!

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