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Mario's Tribute to Indy 500 Pace Cars 1911-1941

1911 Stoddard-Dayton Model 11 First Indy 500 Pace Car

1911 Stoddard-Dayton 50 hp Model 11. Driver: Carl G. Fisher

1911 Stoddard-Dayton Model 11. Same pace car to be used in 1913 and 1914

1912 Stutz. Driver: Carl G. Fisher

1913 Stoddard-Dayton Model 11. Driver: Carl G. Fisher

1914 Stoddard-Dayton Model 11. Driver: Carl G. Fisher

1915 Packard Six, Model 5-48. Driver: Carl G. Fisher

1916 Premier Model 656. Driver: Frank E. Smith

1919 Packard 335 V12. Driver: Col. J. G. Vincent

1920 Marmon Model 34. Driver: Barney Oldfield

1921 H.C.S. Series 6. Driver: Harry C. Stutz

1922 National Sextet. Driver: Barney Oldfield

1923 Duesenberg Model A. Driver: Fred S. Duesenberg

1924 Cole V-8 Series 890. Driver: Lew Pettijohn

1925 Rickenbacker Eight. Driver: Eddie Rickenbacker

1926 Chrysler Imperial E-80. Driver: Louis Chevrolet

1927 LaSalle V-8 Series 303. Driver: ‘Big Boy’ Rader

1928 Marmon ‘8’ Model 78. Driver: Joe Dawson

1929 Studebaker Phaeton F-10 President. Driver: George Hunt

1930 Cord L-29. Driver: Wade Morton

1931 Cadillac 370 Twelve. Driver: ‘Big Boy’ Rader

1932 Lincoln Model KB. Driver: Edsel Ford

1933 Chrysler Imperial Phaeton. Driver: Byron Foy

1934 LaSalle Model 350. Driver: ‘Big Boy’ Rader

1935 Ford Model 48. Driver: Harry Mack

1936 Packard One-Twenty. Driver: Tommy Milton

1937 LaSalle Series 50. Driver: Ralph DePalma

1938 Hudson 112. Driver: Stuart Baits

1939 Buick Roadmaster Series 80. Driver: Charles Chayne

1940 Studebaker Champion. Driver: Harry Hartz

1941 Chrysler Newport Phaeton. Driver: A.B. Couture

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Mario on May 8, 2023 said:

The 1911 Stoddard-Dayton 50 hp Model 11 with shortened chassis (106 in) was the official pace car at the first Indy 500 race in 1911. The Driver was Carl G. Fisher. It was also the pace car in 1913 and 1914. Fischer was the Indy Motor Speedway founder and credited with the concept of a "rolling start" led by a pace car.

The pace car was used to take the starting field on one unscored lap. The field would use the lap to warm up their engines, tires, and then at the conclusion of the lap, at a prescribed speed, the pace car would pull off the track and allow for a rolling or "flying" start.

The Indy 500 race is the most popular car race to this day and runs every Memorial Day. There were no races 1917 & 1918 as well as 1942-1945 due to the war years.

I was fortunate to visit the Indy 500 track and the Museum a few years ago and it is worth the trip. Enjoy! Mario

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