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Cobourg, Ontario, Canada Car Show.

Saturday July 8, 2023.

I took in the annual Cobourg car show that has been putting on an amazing car show for many years now. Right within a few feet of lake Ontario, the area is just beautiful. My brother Mike took his 1962 Ford Falcon and I took my 1957 Pontiac. Enjoyed a beautiful day filled with sweet rides. Sadly for me on the way back home on the highway my Pontiac died and I had to have my 57 flat bedded home. It turned out that a over sized fuel filter is what caused the issues. I took that filter off and now everything is fine. Check out the rides. Cheers.

1956 Buick Century.

1964 Corvair.

1961 Buick Le Sabre.

1965 AMC Rambler Classic.

1972 Pontiac Fire Chicken.

1955 Buick Road Master.

1956 Meteor. Canadian model.

1963 Thunder Chicken.

1970 Dodge 340.

1970 Plymouth 440.

1970 Dodge Challenger and 1970 Plymouth GTX.

1950 GMC.

1970 Oldsmobile 442.

Peterbuilt modified rig.

1964 Corvair six.

1958 Pontiac Pathfinder. Canadian model.

1957 Chev 210.

1966 Dodge Polara.

1949 Ford. The car that saved Ford from bankruptcy in the very late forties. It is easy to see why this car saved Ford.

1949 Ford V-8 flathead.

1955 Buick Road Master.

1955 Cadillac.

1956 Meteor. Canadian model.

1958 Cadillac. Sixty Special.

1958 Cadillac.

1930 Cadillac V-8.

1929 Ford Model A.

1937 Packard.

1937 Packard.

1957 Continental.

1956 Cadillac.

1927 Pierce Arrow.

70's VW Westfalia and 70's VW bug.

1928 Durant Star four banger.

1956 Chevrolet.

1955 Ford Fairlane.

1967 Dodge A100.

1961 Chevrolet Impala.

1961 Chevrolet 348.

1949 Mercury.

1957 Pontiac Pathfinder Deluxe. Canadian model. My baby.

1962 Ford Falcon. My brother Mike's baby.

1966 Imperial.

1971 Torino GT.

1951 Chevrolet Deluxe Bel Air.

1951 Chevrolet Deluxe Bel Air.

Two 1951 Chevrolet's. Deluxe Bel Air on left and Deluxe on right.

1957 Ford Fairlane.

1969 Beaumont. Canadian model.

1966 Acadian Canso. Canadian model.

1966 Acadian Canso. Canadian model.

Chev 396.

1952 Buick.

1956 Chevrolet Bel Air.

1961 Buick LaSabre.

1956 Buick Century.

1969 Dodge Super Bee.

1962 AMC Rambler.

1965 Corvair 140.

1954 Pontiac Laurentian. Canadian model.

1954 Pontiac Laurentian. Canadian model.

60's VW Bug.


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Mario on Jul 11, 2023 said:

Another fabulous Car Show George! Great pictures you took of many of the best cars. Sorry to hear you had car trouble driving back, but thankfully it was just the fuel filter and nothing major.

As far as the show cars here are the best I liked:

Creampuff 1956 Buick Hardtop. What a beauty and showroom condition!. 1955 Buick Road Master another classic in outstanding condition. 1956 Meteor love the two tone color and not seen around here. The 56 Ford has always been a favorite of mine.

Of course the car that saved Ford the 49 Ford. Great example of the savior of Ford. This one is in superb condition with it's original Flathead V8. The 37 Packard with its rumble seat is a rare one. The 51 Chevy Bel Air 2 door HT another great car in wonderful condition. And finally the 56 Chevy blue and white 2 door HT. Love the car and the two tone paint. All great Cruisers and another great car show George! Thank you for sharing. Cheers, Mario

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Mario on Jul 11, 2023 said:

I noticed that the 1954 Pontiac Laurentian, Canadian model has the same taillights as the 1954 Chevy American.

The rear end and trunk also look like the 54 Chevy from the back but the front end is very close to the 54 Pontiac American version. Quite interesting.

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57timemachine on Jul 11, 2023 said:

Mario, our Canadian Pontiac's that were built in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada were based on the Chevrolet platform. It was such a major hit here that many years it out sold the Chevrolet and the Ford. I kid you not. The Canadian Pontiac was a major bang for the buck and Canadians flocked to buy them. I have owned many Canadian versions of GM cars and presently own two. My 57 Pontiac and my 74 Chev Caprice Estate. Cheers.

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Mario on Jul 12, 2023 said:

I took a look at all the Canadian cars that were built in the GM Oshawa, Ontario plant over the decades and was very impressed. Many GM cars have been built there as well as trucks and right hand drive cars for other Countries. Several makes were made strictly for Canada and received high marks for Quality. Thanks for the info George. Cheers, Mario

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