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Visiting my Old Car Buddy Cam and his toys.

Thursday August 17, 2023.

My old car buddy Pete V. and I went to visit our mutual old car buddy Cam B.. Cam has a beautiful 1966 Ford Fairlane Squire wagon, a beautiful 1967 Mini that Cam is working on now and a 1987 Chev El Camino. Our visits with Cam usually last four to six hours and it is hours of only car talk and I do mean only car talk. Cam is a retired millwright and never stops working on something or other in his possession. Cam is an out right genius on anything mechanical and electrical. It served him well with his trade and now still serves him well with his work on his cars. Enjoy the pictures of our visit with the "Camster". Cheers.

1967 Mini.

There is Cam, also known as the "Camster" in the back ground. Not only the smartest guy you could meet on anything mechanical and electrical but also the nicest guy you could meet. Cheers to you Cam.

1966 Ford Fairlane Squire.

1987 Chevy El Camino.

Cam's amazing shop and man cave.


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Anonymous on Aug 17, 2023 said:

George that mini looks like a fun "LITTLE"project. I've never had a car in that state of resto in my life. Cam must have skills and knowledge to go that deep into resto.

Thanks for sharing.

Oh and that Ford Country Squire won't pass the litmus test of being called a "Woodie".

So I've been told.

Nice man cave and garage to hang out.

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Mario on Aug 17, 2023 said:

Wow George, I am impressed with Cam's set up! Besides his cars and the project 67 Mini he's working on, I am mesmerized at his tools! The red tool cabinets are professional probably from a company like we have here in the states called Snap-On. Sears used to have them too. This is a collection of tools from 50 years I'm sure.

He even has a lift in the garage! My Dad was a big tool guy also and I got a lot of his tools when he passed in 2009.

Unfortunately I had to give most of them away to my son and brothers when I sold my house and got the condo. He used to tell me "There's a tool made for every job. Buy the tool, learn how to use it and the tool will pay for itself."

I love all the pictures and thank you for putting this post together. I can just imagine how wonderful it was to converse with Cam for hours about cars, cars, cars! Cheers, Mario

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Mario on Aug 17, 2023 said:

By the way what's the blue car on the lift?

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57timemachine on Aug 17, 2023 said:

Mario, the car on the lift is a Miata. I know nothing about it.

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Mario on Aug 18, 2023 said:

Miata is made by Mazda a sporty little car. That's a nice roadster to drive around in. Cam sure has a lot of great Toys! Thanks, Mario

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oldkuma on Aug 18, 2023 said:

It's good to see a new builder here. Get cam one here soon!!! We need to get some more new builder on here. Please let's keep this hobby from dieing. Larry's bowties

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Mario on Aug 18, 2023 said:

Good idea Larry we can use Cam on our Car website. Regards, Mario

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