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Oakville, Ontario, Canada Cruise.

Wednesday August 16, 2023.

I took in the weekly Oakville cruise night car show with my 1957 Pontiac. This show cruise is every Wednesday from around 6:00 pm to around 9:00 pm. Check out the rides. Cheers.

1957 Chev Custom.

1957 Chev Custom.

1932 Ford.

Chev small block in 1932 Ford.

Some MG'S.

1970'S Buick Riviera.

1970 Chev Monte Carlo.

1963 Chev Corvair Turbo charged.

1963 Chev Corvair Turbo power.

1963 Chev Corvair Turbo flat six.

1966 Buick Wild Cat.

1969 Mustang Mach 1.

1969 Mustang Mach 1.

1951 Mercury.

1951 Mercury.

1966 Chev El Camino.

1966 Mustang.

1955 Chev 210.

1946 Chev.

1962 Ford Falcon.

1962 Ford Falcon 144 six with factory AC.

1956 Ford Fairlane.

1956 Chev Bel Air.

1940 Chev.

1967 Thunder Chicken.

1967 Thunder Chicken suicide style.

1935 ?

1935 ?

1968-1971 Corvette.

1957 Pontiac. My baby.

Mustang up.

Mustang down.

1949-1952 Chev or Pontiac whatchamacallit ultra custom.

Camaro row. 1968, 1969, a sneaky 1968 Fire Chicken and a 1968.

1959 Desoto.

1959 Desoto.

1959 Fargo. Canadian model of Dodge.

1959 Fargo. Canadian model.

1961 Cadillac.

1977 Chev Monte Carlo.


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Mario on Aug 22, 2023 said:

Another great car show George! Lots of clean looking cars showed up. Thank you for taking and sharing all these pictures with us gearheads. I have several honorable mentions, so here they are:

Of course I always admire a clean 57 Chevy Bel Air 2dr HT. This one is a beauty and well kept. The 57 Chevy is considered the Icon of the Fifties and this is a prime example.

The 32 Ford Hotrod with a Chevy V8 and Tri Power set up is very sharp. A good example of a typical 50's Hotrod the kids would chop up and modify.

The 51 Mercury 2 tone in stock condition is a rarity. Most 49-51 Mercs were chopped, channeled, leaded, customized, etc. But this 2 tone beautiful car is right out of the showroom. I hope it has the original Flathead V8 under the hood. This one belongs in a museum.

Your 57 Pontiac is looking really good George. Just like it did when it came off the assembly line! You maintain it very well.

Two of my favorite 1956 cars are the Ford Fairlane and the Chevy Bel Air and you have both in this car show! The 56 Ford Fairlane 2 tone is awesome and I love the color combo. A Great looking Cruiser. And the 56 Chevy Bel Air 2 tone is just like my Aunt's car that I used to wash for her, same color combo. I knew every inch of that car. One of my favorite 2 tone colors.

So many other nice looking cars at this show and glad you took so many pictures to memorialize them in our American Torque website. Thanks George! Keep up the good work. Cheers, Mario

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