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Name the Fifties Cars By Year

See new fifties TV commercial videos

How many 50’s cars can you name by year? I took these pictures from various car shows I attended. They range from 1950 to 1959 in year order. That should help you with the year. The make is a little harder.

Write down the year and make, then check the Answers below to see how many you got right.

No peeking at the answers! Have fun and Good Luck!


























Video and audio clips

1957 Pontiac Chieftain-----For George from AT!

Two Fords Classic Car Commercial

Classic car commercials of the Fifties


More Cars of the 1950s

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Mario on Sep 1, 2023 said:

Here are the answers:

1) 1950 Ford—--2) 1953 Ford—--3) 1954 Buick--—4) 1955 Chevy--—5) 1955 Dodge--—6) 1955 Ford--—7) 1956 Buick--—8) 1956 Chevy--—9) 1956 Mercury--—10) 1956 Olds--—11) 1956 Pontiac--—12) 1957 Chevy--—13) 1957 Chrysler--—14) 1957 Olds--—15) 1957 Pontiac--—16) 1957 T Bird--—17) 1958 Buick--—18) 1958 Cadillac--—19) 1958 Chevy--—20) 1958 Edsel--—21) 1958 Ford--—22) 1959 Cadillac--—23) 1959 Chevy--—24) 1959 Pontiac---- 25) 1959 Edsel

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57timemachine on Sep 1, 2023 said:

Mario, it was fun but way too easy. Make it harder next time. Cheers.

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Mario on Sep 1, 2023 said:

Nice going George. It was easy for you because you know the 50's cars very well. I'll be posting a 60"s cars next, a little harder. Cheers, Mario

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Anonymous on Sep 1, 2023 said:

Oh Mario, very very good pictures. Like George said, I scored 110%

I always did extra credit on tests so the ones I choked on didn't keep me in kindergarten for the 3rd time.

Well done least your keeping busy and not out in public being a nuisance.

Keep on your mission to 200. I'm praying for you brother!!!

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Mario on Sep 1, 2023 said:

Hey Rob glad you got them all right. Fifties cars in my opinion are easy to name. They were so outrageous and unique. We grew up knowing them and wishing we were older so we could drive one.

Stay cool and well, Mario

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57timemachine on Sep 1, 2023 said:

Mario, thank you for the tribute here with the 57 Pontiac bit. There is some misinformation about the 57 Pontiac though and generally this guy does not know much about cars. Still fun to watch. Cheers.

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Mario on Sep 3, 2023 said:

I like watching the 57 Black and Red Pontiac and all the detail in the video. It was produced very well film wise but not narrated well. The car looks immaculate right out of the showroom. One of the best Pontiac designs in 1957.

I also like the 56 and 57 Pontiac comparisons. Big modern changes in just one year. And of course I thought of you and your 57 Pontiac so clean, Cheers, Mario

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oldkuma on Sep 6, 2023 said:

I missed the crystal. Entries but 100% on rest. Continental kits ruin a 58 impala. But I like them on the baby birds. Larry

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Mario on Sep 6, 2023 said:

Great going Larry you only missed one. What's a crystal that you said you missed?

It's amazing how much info we carry in our brains. Now try the 60's just for fun.

You're recommendation to try and get young blood on this site is a good one, the question is how and are they really interested?

We welcome everyone like the motto above says: "old skool, new school, no school." Cheers, Mario

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oldkuma on Sep 12, 2023 said:

That is what spell checker reads as chrysler

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