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Barrie, Ontario, Canada Car Show Cruise.

Wednesday August 30, 2023

I took in the weekly Barrie cruise night that has been held every Wednesday for many years. The event is held at a beautiful area of Barrie called Heritage Park at Simcoe Lake. I took my 1974 Chev Caprice Estate and met up with my good buddy Ted M. that I have know since 1982. The day was very cold but there were many sweet cars and some good old car folks to talk to. Check out the rides. Cheers

1965 and 1957 Corvettes.

1970's VW Bug.

1970's VW Camper.

1951 Buick Special.

1951 Buick straight eight. Fire Ball Eight.

1951 Buick Special.

1970's MG. British.

MG Go Power.

1968 Chev Impala SS 427. Rare and fast.

1968 Chev Impala SS 427.

1968 Chev Impala SS 427. Wicked front end.

1974 Chev Caprice Estate. My baby.

This guy was really setting things straight but putting a gun to a guys head is going a little too far. Maybe it is only me.

1950 Studebaker Starlight coupe.

1950 Studebaker Starlight coupe. The car with the famous saying...."You can not tell if it is coming or going."

1968 Dodge Swinger.

1968 Dodge Swinger.

1970 Lincoln Connie Mark III.

1970 Lincoln Connie Mark III.

Says it all.

1970 Lincoln Mark III 460 Motivator. Ford's biggest production engine.

1955 Chev 210.

1955 Chev 210 and 1956 Chev Bel Air.

Priceless vanity plate.

Good reminder.

1971-1972 Ford Pinto wagon. Usually you have to rear end these cars to set them on fire, in this case it is already on fire.

1971-1972 Ford Pinto wagon.

1964 Dodge Polara. Original owner car.

1930-1931 Ford Model A.

1974 MG. British.

MG Power unit. British.

1958 Chev Impala.

1958 Chev Impala.

1980's Pontiac Fiero. Super Charged unit.

Super charged Pontiac V-6.

1955 Ford Crown Victoria.

1955 Ford Crown Victoria.

1957 Chev Cameo.

1956 Chev Bel Air.

1974 Chev Caprice Estate. My baby.

1966 Chev Chevelle Malibu. Thank you for not making it another fake SS.

Oldsmobile Power house.

1955 Ford 272 Y Block.

1957 Corvette.

1965 Corvette.

1974 MG. British.

MG Power Barn.


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Anonymous on Sep 2, 2023 said:

Wow George, that 68 Impala SS with the hidden Headlights is one rare and fast car as you noted. I've never seen one in my life. Only on TV. That's my reader's choice. Thanks for posting your photos. Rob

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Mario on Sep 3, 2023 said:

Another great car show George even though you said it was a cold day. Better than hot and humid!

These are the cars that caught my eye:

The 51 Buick with the tilting hood. I wonder if it tilts both ways or just one way. I noticed the plugs on the left side so easy to change. But must be hard to get to the right side to do work.

The 68 Impala is unusual with hideaway headlights.

The pair of 55 and 56 Chevys look good together.

I love the 58 Impala, a one time design, so clean.

Finally, the 55 Ford Crown Vic is a rare beauty. Too bad it was 6 volts until 56 when it was upgraded to 12 volts.

Wonderful show so many really nice looking cars and trucks. Thank you for sharing George. Cheers, Mario

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