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Name the Sixties Cars By Year

See new 60's Cars Commercial Videos

How many 60’s cars can you name by year? I took these pictures from various car shows I attended. They range from 1960 to 1969 in year order. That should help you with the year. The make is a little harder.

Write down the year and make, then check the Answers below to see how many you got right.

No peeking at the answers! Have fun and Good Luck!































Video and audio clips

Cars from the 60s Commercials

1960 CHEVROLET COMMERCIAL - Start the '60s right

1960 Ford Car Commercial

1964 Ford Commercials

1965 Chevrolet's Bonanza & Bewitched Commercial

1967 Chevy Impala Commercial

Muscle Car Commercials from 1969


More Cars of the 1960s
More Chevy Coverage

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Mario on Sep 4, 2023 said:

Here are the answers:

1 1960 Chevy----2 1960 Mercury----3 1960 Plymouth----4 1961 Buick----5 1961 Chevy----6 1962 Chevy----7 1963 Chevy----8 1963 Corvette----9 1963 T Bird----10 1964 Chevy----11 1964 Pontiac GTO----12 1965 Chevy Malibu----13 1965 Buick Riviera----14 1965 Chevy----15 1965 Mustang----16 1966 Chevy 2----17 1966 Chevy----18 1966 Chevelle-----19 1966 Pontiac Grand Prix----20 1967 Camaro----21 1967 Chevy----22 1967 Corvette----23 1967 Pontiac GTO----24 1967 Chevy----25 1968 Dodge Charger----26 1968 Olds 442----27 1968 Shelby Cobra----28 1969 Camaro----29 1969 Chevelle----30 1969 Pontiac GTO

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Anonymous on Sep 4, 2023 said:

Mario, Mario, I wish that my high school tests were this easy. Of course I think loving and studying cars more than algebra and geometry and other classes may be the reason.

The hardest one for me was #22 which me being the Corvette aficionado, I had to really look at the side fender vents or gills as we called them to see it was a 67.

It's always a feast to my eyes to look at pics of the best time of y life. I couldn't wait until the fall unveiling of the new cars. My bicycle got a lot of miles on it as I peddled around the town to see all the dealerships.

They of course had their windows white washed to prevent you seeing the showroom treasures.

But I was smart enough to ride all around a dealership and find the ones hidden in the middle of a group of older cars they were trying to hide.

Ah yes, my Huffy Stingray bike was my hot rod until I could get a license. Even my Stingray bike had a stick shift. 5 speeds got their workout as I buzzed around town practicing wheelies. The bike had a racing slick on the back tire.

Yepper, the heyday of my life. Other than a bad case of acne and small for my age, everyday was a challenge to find FUN. Even with a paper route and playing baseball and working on a farm, life seemed so full of hope and enjoyment, and dreams.

Many of the cars listed here I've been able to own and enjoy. Not all of them, but enough to believe dreams DO COME TRUE......with patience.

My cousin still has a Stingray bike hanging from his garage ceiling. It's always an enjoyable moment to visit and look up and see where a lot of my happiness started. And he WON'T sell it to me. He said I wouldn't come to visit if I bought it !!!!! ;-)


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Mario on Sep 4, 2023 said:

Added some 60's original car commercial videos. Check them out.

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Mario on Sep 5, 2023 said:

Hi Rob, and thank you for the great childhood stories you tell so well. Nice going on the car quiz and getting #22 was a hard one!

I too looked forward to the Fall unveiling of new cars! Growing up in Queens NY we had a good number of car dealers on Hillside Ave and my cousin Frank and I would hit all of them looking for the "hidden" new cars before officially releasing them.

We would study the front and back of each Model and discuss the new changes. Like you said they hid the new models in the back parking lot but we knew where to look.

Then after each model got released we would go back and get as many new car brochures as we could carry, take them home, and read them cover to cover like it was a homework assignment! I still have many of them in my collection.

Yes Life was full of Hope and Dreams back then and our world evolved around cars. I would have loved growing up on a Farm like you. My wife and I have been taking yearly trips to Lancaster, PA and enjoy the Amish way of life. So calm and pure. We've been going there for over 40 years and still enjoy it.

I think you would still visit your cousin even if you bought his bike. The bike stirs up your memories but the real joy is in sharing them with someone else just as we do here on AT. All the Best, Mario

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Mario on Sep 5, 2023 said:

Rob I'll be posting a 70's Name the Cars and it will be harder. So study up on 70's cars and lets see how you do. Regards, Mario

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57timemachine on Sep 5, 2023 said:

Mario, once again 100% correct. Too bad there is no money in getting correct answers. I would be able to top up my retirement fund. Fun test and looking forward to the 70's car quiz. Mario, you keep us old guys thinking with these car quiz's. Cheers.

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Mario on Sep 5, 2023 said:

Congratulations George on getting 100% again! We have a very smart group here on AT and you're at the top of the class.

The 50's and 60's were our era and so were the cars. It's good to stir up memories every now and then as you said.

Thank you for taking the test and I'm glad you aced it George. The 70's Game will be posted later this week and I hope you do well. Cheers, Mario

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57timemachine on Sep 5, 2023 said:

The 70's will be more of a challenge for me because there are not many cars that I like from the 70's era. Cheers.

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Mario on Sep 25, 2023 said:

You did great in the 70's Game George, good job! Cheers, Mario

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