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Rockton, Ontario, Canada Car Show and Swap Meet..

Saturday September 23, 2023.

I took in the annual Rockton Car Show and Swap meet. I took my 1957 Pontiac and my younger brother Mike, took his 1962 Ford Falcon. Also our American first cousin, also a Mike joined us during his visit to Canada to visit family. It was a perfect day for a car show, with many sweet rides and many good old car folks to talk cars to. Check out the rides. Cheers.

1970 Plymouth Super Bird.

1948 Chevrolet.

1969 Pontiac Fire Chicken.

1971 Mercury Comet GT.

1950-1952 GMC.

1955 Chev 210.

1955 Plymouth Plaza.

1932 Chev. Chev's top of the line model.

1947 Chev. What a prize.

1951 Oldsmobile 88.

1962 Ford Falcon of my brother Mike's and my 1957 Pontiac.

1968 Beaumont. Canadian model.



1965 Ford. Mayberry cop show car tribute. What a great show the Andy Griffith show was. So iconic on so many amazing levels. Most of us grew up on it.

Says it all.

1966-1967 Oldsmobile Toronado. First American front wheel drive car since the Cord of 1929.

60's Porche.

1966 Plymouth Fury I.

60'S Mini.

1969 Mercury Cougar.

69 351 Cougar power.

1956 Chev Bel Air.

1940 Ford Deluxe. Very very iconic.

Herbie VW Bug.

1973 Oldsmobile land yacht.

1954 Pontiac. Canadian model.

1966 Mustang.

1958 Chev. Brookwood.

1969 Ford Fairlane.

1956 Lincoln. Custom.

1956 Lincoln. Custom with 1956 Packard tail lights. These tail lights were and are a customizers delight.

1933-1934 Ford.

Super Bird magic.

My 57 Pontiac and my brother Mike's 62 Falcon.

60's Porsche.

1951 Chev.

1964 Chev Chevelle El Camino.

1964 Mercury Comet.

1966 Plymouth Sport Fury.

1964 Studebaker Wagoneer.

1964 Studebaker Wagoneer. Very creative with the sliding half of the back roof.

Very rare GMC V-6 motor that only saw service in GMC trucks of various capacities from 1959 to 1974 including some mind blowing V-12 versions for very big trucks. I kid you not. This motor sitting here looks like a big block V-8, yet it is a V-6. An amazing GM power plant to say the least.

Says it all.

1950 Hudson.

1950 Hudson.

Says it all.

Says it all.

1955 Ford panel.

1959 Ford Galaxie 500. A classy big old boat.

1968 Chevelle Malibu.

1950-1952 GMC.

1965 Dodge Crew Cab.

1946-1949 International truck in swap meet action.

1964 Plymouth.

1970 Mustang Boss 302. Probably a clone.

1939 Chev.

60's VW Karmen Ghia.

1967 Imperial.

1967 Imperial.


1946-1949 International truck for sale in swap meet.

1959 Ford Galaxie 500.

1959 Ford 352 motivation.

1950 Hudson.

1950 Hudson detail.

Custom 56 Lincoln and custom 56 Chrysler.

Custom 56 Chrysler and custom 56 Lincoln.

1968 Chevelle 300. Very very rare model that is very seldom seen.

1968 Chevelle 300. Very rare entry level model that is seldom seen today. This is a Canadian built model of which they built less than 2,000. I had one like this from 1977-1978. I sold it to buy a 1955 Chev.


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Mario on Sep 28, 2023 said:

The Fall days are really beautiful now and the air is crisp. Another great day for you to visit a superb car show. Lots of clean showroom classics at this show and here are my favorites:

47 Chevy looks really nice and in great condition. Not many seen at car shows. And this one is grand.

56 Chevy Bel Air 4 door HT 2 tone is a real rare beauty. Mid car of the Tri-Five. A favorite Chevy of mine which my Aunt used to own new.

40 Ford convertible with the famous teardrop headlights is one of my favorite Fords. I have a cousin who had the exact same car and color. An all time classic.

59 Ford Galaxie 500 2 door convertible 2 tone with the famous 352 V8 is really sharp looking. Not many at shows nowadays. Love the color on this.

Lots of other specialty cars like the Plymouth Super Bird and the Mayberry Ford made this a fabulous car show.

Thank you for sharing all these pictures with us George and keep posting them. Our car shows are winding down now here but you're keeping it alive. Cheers, Mario

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Anonymous on Sep 28, 2023 said:

That GM V6 is my choice. That would be a great trivia question. Nice work Geo. Rob

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