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Cayuga, Ontario, Canada Car Show.

Monday October 9, 2023.

I took in the annual Ruthven Historical site annual car show with my 1974 Chev Caprice Estate. My brother Mike took his 1962 Ford Falcon. Taking in this historical site is a real trip back in time, 1880's kind of time travel. With the historical mansion and the historical grave yard of the family that built it. It was turned over to the region as a historical site by the family in the 1970's. Check out the rides. Cheers.

My brother Mikes 1962 Ford Falcon and my 1974 Chev Caprice Estate.

1954 Meteor. Canadian model.

1966 Chev Impala SS.

1966 Chev 283.

1961 Mercury Comet.

1949 Chrysler.

1949 Chrysler in line six flat head with speed goodies.

1949 Chrysler six flat head. One of the most reliable engines ever built.

1948-1950 Ford.

Rapid Ford motivation. In a plastic Shelby Cobra.

1969 AMC AMX.

1946-1948 Chev.

1948 Chev.

1948 Chev 216 six.

1965 Dodge.

1948 Hudson.

1966 Acadian Canso. Canadian model.

1964 Beaumont. Canadian model.

1959 Chrysler.

1959 Chrysler.

1933 Ford.

1940 Plymouth.

1947 Dodge.

1953 Chev.

1947 Buick Road master.

283 Chev V-8 in original 1965 Canadian Studebaker. These were the motors as well as in line Chev sixes that were in Canadian built Studebakers after they stopped building them in the U.S. This lasted from 1964 to 1966 before it all ended for Studebaker. Sadly but surely.

I know a Chev V-8 looks odd in a Studebaker but this is correct for a Canadian built Studebaker.

1957 Thunder Chicken.

1954 Chev 210.

1965-1966 Thunder Chicken. The last good one as far as I am concerned.

1948-1950 GMC. I am still scratching my head with the color combination.

1947-1948 Monarch. Canadian model.

1964 Pontiac. Canadian model.

1962 Ford Falcon.

1960-1966 Studebaker pick up. With the Lark styled front end. They changed so little during those many years.

1966 Pontiac GTO.

1957 Chev Bel Air.

1929 Morris. British.

1929 Morris. British.

You will never see another one.

1947 Buick Roadmaster.

Early 30's Plymouth.

1960 Chev Bel Air.

1960 Chev Bel Air.

1966 Pontiac Tempest over head cam six.

1966 Pontiac Tempest overhead cam six. A great sadly over looked engine.

1966 Pontiac Tempest.

The mansion.

1963 Studebaker Avanti. Sorry about the shadow.

VW Bug row.

1964 Pontiac.

389 Pontiac Tri Power power.


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Anonymous on Oct 15, 2023 said:

Having owned 2 Pontiac OHCs...I need to go with that as my choice. Rob

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Mario on Oct 16, 2023 said:

Great car show George! And the 1880's Historical site is a pleasant place for this outing. Many of the cars are really nice and I have 3 top favorites.

Red 1941 Plymouth convertible. It's in great condition and a real eye looker representing the early forties.

'66 Pontiac Tempest convertible. The color is amazing and its condition is flawless. Very nice 6 cylinder engine and enough power to be fast.

White '49 Ford Pickup truck. Beautiful example of a late forties truck in pristine condition. Always a favorite of mine.

I also like the Pontiac 389 Tri Power V8 as shown. Same engine I had in my '59 Pontiac except I had the 4 BBL carb instead.

Thank you for sharing these pictures George. Another wonderful car show and hopefully you can get to a few more this year. Cheers, Mario

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57timemachine on Oct 16, 2023 said:

Mario, after this show there is only one more. Sunday October 29 in Ancaster, Ontario. The weather better be good for that one or I will be crying like a baby until spring time. Thanks for all the kind words. Cheers.

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Mario on Oct 16, 2023 said:

I hope the weather is good for you George to visit the car show Oct 29th and end this year with a record of car shows. You are the American Torque King of Car Shows for 2023!

Our car shows have pretty much ended here in NY and I look forward to seeing your pictures of car shows in Canada. Let's hope the weather is good so you can go. Are you taking your 57 Pontiac to that show or your 74 Caprice? Cheers, Mario

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57timemachine on Oct 17, 2023 said:

Mario, I will be taking my 57 Pontiac to the last show for sure. After that it is just depression for me. I can not stand waiting until late April for the car show season to start. The older I get the harder it is to deal with this. Mario, thank you for the kind words and cheers to you sir.

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Mario on Oct 19, 2023 said:

I went back to see how many car shows you posted this year George and I counted 20 all together! That's a lot of car shows! Congratulations on that and the Oct 29 show will make 21 for the year. Cheers, Mario

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57timemachine on Oct 19, 2023 said:

Mario, it is actually more car shows than that because I forgot my camera a number of times. Yes you heard it right, I said camera. I do not use my phone for pictures at car shows. Hey I am old school cars and old school picture taking. Cheers.

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Mario on Oct 19, 2023 said:

I'm not laughing George. I happen to have a Canon A3400 Power Shot Zoom Lense Digital Camera that I use for all my car shows too.

It's easy to transfer the pix to my computer and edit them. So I am with you on this. I don't like taking pix with my I-phone I'd rather use my digital Canon camera. Cheers, Mario

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Mario on Oct 19, 2023 said:

I am old school cars and old school picture taking just like you George. I could tell you were using a digital camera because of the date stamp on your pix. A handy thing having a date stamp. I created folders on my laptop with all the Pages I've taken and added the pix.

It's unfortunate you forgot your camera for some of the shows you attended but you still got a lot of them. I like seeing all your car show pix. You have a good eye for taking pix. Cheers, Mario

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