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My 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle 300 sedan.


I bought this car in January 1980 as my everyday driver. Even then I had no need for a newer car for my day to day beast. Looking back it seems a shame I drove this car in the winter as well but I did. This car was an entry level 300 Chevelle that had a 283 Chev V-8 and Power Glide automatic originally but I bought the car with a later Chev 350 V-8 and Turbo Hydramatic automatic. The only options were power steering and radio. This car had a complete diamond pattern custom interior in it and I do not know what drove the person to do that. The car drove well and actually got some attention because it was an old Chevelle after all. I sold the car in 1982 because I had not required the car and stopped driving it in 1981. I had a company truck for 24/7 personal use and having the Chevelle made no sense. I never saw this car again after I sold it and wonder if it is still around. Cheers.

Some stupid fool backed into or drove into my bumper while the car was parked in the drive way of my home. Must have been a drunken idiot because I can not make any sense of it.

The car drove well and had plenty of power.


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Mario on Dec 30, 2023 said:

Nice looking 67 Chevelle George. It looks a little like my 67 Impala in front. I hadn't noticed that before.

350 V8 in that car must have been a mover!

Cheers and have a Happy and Healthy New Year. Mario

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Anonymous on Dec 30, 2023 said:

Ahhhhhhh dog dish hubcaps and white walls gave it that street fighter look. Nice stance on it too.

My 72 Camaro was a 6 banger, 3 speed, dog dish white walled driver I used in the winter as well. Traded my newlywed's 1968 Cougar XR7 and my 1969 Olds 442 for the Camaro just to get a car that was paid for and got better gas mileage. Ugliest green color I think they called Seafoam....

sometimes ya gotta do what you gotta do to get by.


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57timemachine on Dec 30, 2023 said:

Thanks Mario. The car did move out well but was only fair in gas mileage. There was body work done before me but it was not too bad considering. Great new year to you too my old car brother. Cheers.

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