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My 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle 300 sedan.

2004 - 2008.

In February 2004 I bought this 1970 Chev Chevelle 300 sedan because my partner Mary was fed up with riding in my company truck to get around. My other vehicle was always a prized vintage car that was only used in good weather for shows and cruising. I was not a newer car kind of guy so I started looking for semi practical older cars. I saw this car and fell in love with it. It was all original except for exterior paint. The previous owner had done the body and paint a year before I bought it. The car had its original 250 inline six, three speed Turbo Hydramatic automatic and 2.90 highway mileage rear axel. The car had power brakes, AM radio, tinted glass, full wheel covers and white walls as options. The automatic and 2.90 rear were also options. I added original power steering, cruise control, Pertronix electronic ignition and a good stereo system. I had the original owners factory order paper work so I knew what was ordered originally. I sold the car to a neighbor that did some more work to it. I did not see the car until about five years ago when I noticed it was for sale in a vintage car publication. I do not have any good pictures of the car. Cheers.

When I first saw the car.

1970 Chev 250 in line six 155 hp. A good solid reliable power plant. The motor had good power and economy.

First car show I took the car to. Got some nice comments from folks.

First car show I took it to. 2005.


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Mario on Dec 30, 2023 said:

The 70 Chevelle is to this day a much sought after car. Glad you bought it to please Mary instead of driving her around in a company truck!

That 250 six banger must have been great on gas especially with the 2.90 rear. Nice looking car George. Cheers, Mario

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57timemachine on Dec 30, 2023 said:

Thanks Mario. It was good on gas especially on the highway. The original owner had that intention obviously. With the six, the 3 speed automatic and not the Power Glide and the 2.90 highway rear gear. Made it clear the owner wanted to maximize gas mileage. The transmission and 2.90 gear would have been expensive options, especially the transmission. Cheers.

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