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My brother Mike's 1968 Chev Chevelle SS.

Brothers with a common goal and having some fun along the way.

My younger brother Mike bought this car in the late eighty's and at the time it was a Canadian model Beaumont. My brother wanted a Chevelle SS, so we converted the car to a Chevelle. We together did all the body work and mechanical work. The motor had seized so we found a good 350 Chev V-8 to work with. We did all the usual high performance stuff on the engine and it turned out well. Mike kept the car a number of years and it treated him well. Mike and I have some good memories of this car and the bonding in brotherhood was just an added bonus. Cheers.

Shortly after we finished the car. There is Mike all proud as a very young man with his toy. Around 1989.

At the annual New York car show. 1989.

At a car show in Scarborough, Ontario. 1990.

We just finished putting the 350 together. 1989.

I got Mike to do all the dirty work. Hey that is what baby brothers are for.

What the car looked like when we got it. A 1968 Beaumont (Canadian model).

Mike helping me with the old seized engine.

Let the work begin.

Engine bay all spruced up and ready for that movin 350.

1976 vintage Chev 350 V-8. With all the usual hi po goodies. This engine ran great.

Almost ready for paint.

Mike put bigger Cragar mags and beefier tires on the rear eventually, which made it come alive in the stance department.

This car always had a tuff look to it from every angle.

The interior kept the Beaumont dash which is a Pontiac Tempest dash. We raised a lot of eye brows with this and we always got a chuckle out of it.


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Mario on Jan 1, 2024 said:

Nice work with the conversion to a Chevelle SS George. Looks like you and Mike did a great job with a lot of brotherly fun too. Cheers, Mario

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