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1957 Chevrolet Bel Air sedan parts car.

June 1988 to July 1988.

My buddy Pete V. and I purchased a 1957 Chev for parts back in June of 1987. The seller was way over his head because this car was not worth restoring. The floor was completely rotten and parts of the frame were rotten as well. We bought the 57 to take parts that we required for our own 57 Chev's and the rest we were going to sell at vintage car swap meets, which we did. Pete and I did very well with the selling of parts and we paid very little for the car. The sellers parents wanted the car off of their drive way right away. We had some fun taking the car apart along the way. It seems a shame because the car looks very complete but it was no way restorable and the motor was seized. The motor was a later 350 Chev V-8 with a three speed Turbo Hydramatic. Pete's mother in law was decent enough to let us take the car apart in her back yard. Memories.

She almost looks like you could hop in and go for a drive but very sadly this car was no way near drivable. She had a number of 57 factory accessories like originally 283 V-8, Power Glide automatic, Power brakes, radio, front bumper guards and Deluxe heater/defroster that I can remember.

Somebody in the past painted everything red and I do mean everything. Originally this car was Tropical Turquoise and India Ivory just like my 57 Chev became in 1991.

That is my buddy Pete taking some front end parts off.

Looking very sad and forlorn. She gave up her life so many others could live.

The floor was so bad it was foldable.

The frame was not worth trying to sell so we cut it in half and put it in the back of my van for scrap.


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Mario on Jan 1, 2024 said:

The 57 Chevy does almost look driveable, too bad it was beyond salvageable. But it still went on to live in your 57 and Pete's. Cheers, Mario

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57timemachine on Jan 11, 2024 said:

Both my buddy Pete and I kept a few items but mostly we sold everything worth selling at automotive swap meets and ads I placed in vintage car publications. We did very well financially with this 57 Chev. Cheers.

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Mario on Jan 21, 2024 said:

Anything from an original 57 Chevy is very valuable and much in demand. This is probably my favorite car of all time.

I passed my road test first time in my Aunt's 57 Chevy and regret never owning one. The 57 Chevy is the Icon of all the classic 50's cars and would love to own a piece of one.

Maybe someday I'll have the chance to get a piece of history of a 57 Chevy.

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