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Mopar Dealer Brochures.


Here are some of my Mopar dealer brochures. Plymouth, Dodge and Chrysler. Enjoy.

1962 Dodge.

1964 Dodge.

1964 Plymouth.

1965 Plymouth.

1963 Chrysler.

1963 Chrysler Showdown.


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Mario on Jan 11, 2024 said:

Plymouths and Dodges were really hot at the track in the 60's with their untouchable hemi engines.

Those brochures are in demand today. You have a good selection here George. Cheers, Mario

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57timemachine on Jan 12, 2024 said:

Mario, I had many Mopar brochures that I sold and did very well on them. Mopar guys do not mind spending the coin on their Mopar stuff. Cheers.

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57timemachine on Jan 14, 2024 said:

Mopar's that are on my list of like are. 1956 to 1958 Plymouth Fury's, 1965 and 1966 Plymouth Grand Fury's, 1967 and 1968 Plymouth Barracuda's, 1970 Plymouth Duster and 1966 Dodge Coronet.

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Mario on Jan 21, 2024 said:

My favorites were all the Plymouth Furys as well as the Dodge Hemis. The rest of them did not interest me and their sales were pitiful.

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