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Oakville, Ontario, Canada Cruise Night.

Wednesday June 12, 2024.

I took in the weekly Oakville, Ontario, Canada cruse night held by the Oakville Lions, that has been held for a number of years on the Wednesday. This cruise night always has an amazing turn out of cars and today was no different. Many sweet cars and many enjoyable old car folks to talk to. Check out the rides and cheers.

1957 Plymouth Belvedere. I was all over this sweet car.

Sweet from any angle. Thank you Mr. Virgel Exner.

1966 Dodge Coronet 500.

1958 Vette.

1976 Chev Monte Carlo.

Chev Big Block motivation in a very rare Canadian muscle car.

1940 Chev.

1968 Plymouth.

1969 Beaumont. (Canadian model).

Mustang row.

Ford motivation.

1968 Pontiac Fire Chicken.

1962 Ford Falcon.

1956 Ford Fairlane.

1966 Chev El Camino.

1951 Hudson.

1966 Chev Bel Air.

1966 Chev 427 big block motivation.

1956 Oldsmobile.

1956 Oldsmobile.

1969 Camaro Z28.

1951 Hudson.

289 Ford motivation.

1966 Dodge Coronet 500.

1963 Chev Corvair Turbo unit.

My 1957 Pontiac.

1932 Ford.

60's VW Bug.

1965 Ford Galaxie.

I give this person a lot of credit. Because through out the day he constantly reminded folks to not touch or lean on cars. Also he reminded folks to not bring their baby buggy's in between cars. Most of us know that it is just basic common sense but to many folks sadly it is not.

60's British.

1964 Chev slammer. It is not my thing but it is still interesting.

1932 Ford row.

1928 Chev.

1928 Chev four.

1928 Chev.

1932 Ford buddy's.

1971 Plymouth Duster.

Loud and Proud.

1980 Triumph TR8 V-8.

1980 Triumph TR8 with factory all aluminum V-8. This motor was designed for Buick and Oldsmobile and sold to Rover around 1964. It was a real treat to speak to the owner of this very rare car. He was very gracious and cheers to him.

1968 Plymouth Road Runner.

1960 Oldsmobile.

1960 Oldsmobile.

Says it all.

1959 Desoto.

1959 Desoto.

1960 Fargo. (Canadian model). Good luck finding that tail gate.

1965 Vette.

1961 Chev Impala.

1955 Pontiac.

1955 Pontiac.

60's British.

1966 Buick Wild Cat.

70's Lincoln Town Car.

Early 70's Vette.

1962 Ford Falcon 144 in line six with factory AC. When was the last time you saw a Falcon with factory AC.

1962 Falcon.

1966 Chev 427 torque monster.

1967 Mustang.

1966 Thunder Chicken.

Corvair Turbo. (1963).

1966 Chev Bel Air 427.

60's Cortina. (British Ford).

Slammers. 1964 Chev Impala and late 70's Chev Monte Carlo.

1964 Corvair motivation.

Late seventies Chev Monte Carlo slammer.


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azmuscle on Jun 13, 2024 said:

I always love that GREEN color on Fire Chickens and Camaros. I think the Chevy color was called FROST green but if I'm wrong, I'll go stand in the corner, again.

I think someone spiked my ice tea with some MOPAR potion. That Duster 340 Wedge callout caught my eye. So I chose a GTX and now the Duster. What is wrong with me?

A car show on a Wednesday night sure breaks up the week nicely. Great idea.

Thanks for sharing George.......cheers. Rob

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Mario on Jun 13, 2024 said:

Again so many great looking cars George! You captured all the beauties once more.

I like the 57 Plymouth 2 tone a real beauty not often seen. Very classy. Also the 51 Hudson is a rare one especially the convertible.

The 56 Ford Fairlane blue and white is one I would take home if I could. My favorite year Ford. I also like the 56 Olds great body and colors especially with the Continental Wheel in back.

Your second show for the week George, you're surely the King of Car Shows! Keep posting, love it. Cheers, Mario

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57timemachine on Jun 13, 2024 said:

Mario and Rob, the kind words are always appreciated. I added some more pictures. Cheers.

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Mario on Jun 14, 2024 said:

That Gold Monte Carlo took a lot of suspension modifications! What a crazy look on that car!

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azmuscle on Jul 2, 2024 said:

Hey Geo, I just noticed the word FARGO on the tailgate of that pickup. Was that a Canadian brand or a Canadian name of something made in the US?

I thought it should read CARGO so you know where to put loads and stuff.

It looks like a Dodge product to me but I was wrong once before, well I wasn't wrong but I thought I was wrong and that's my story.

Cheers to my Maple Leaf friend.

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57timemachine on Jul 2, 2024 said:

Rob, Fargo is a Canadian Dodge. So that Plymouth had a pickup to sell as well. Dodge dealers had the Dodge truck, Plymouth dealers had the Fargo truck. Makes for an even playing field.

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