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Jon Kaase Crate Engine #1

1970 Mercury Cyclone GT. Jon Kaase BOSS 466 'crate engine' - His redesigned Boss 429 heads on a .030 over 460 Ford block. Hydraulic roller cam, B Grant Demon 850 carb. 2 1/8 hand built headers into a 3" exhaust with 12" Flowmaster. Heavily fortified C-6 [2500 stall] and a gear vendor overdrive, going into a 9" Currie [3.50] rear end. Sub frames were tied together for structural integrity. It has power steering and air conditioning, and is a daily driver.

We replaced the MSD distributor with a Ford vacuum advance unit - better highway performance, better gas mileage [14.3 mpg highway], much more driver friendly around town.

And more fun than a person should legally be allowed to have on the streets

These 2 1/8" headers can be removed from the vehicle without having to remove the engine.

7 IV 12 Living Legends Mustang Club show


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SHADOW on Jul 20, 2011 said:

WOW! That is one killer mooo tooor! Nice job!

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profaqualung on Sep 7, 2011 said:

Thank you. In April, when I drove up to OKC from Jackson, MS., for the NSRA event, I averaged 13.8 mpg. In the 21 months this set-up has been on the road, I have logged over 15,000 miles - with ZERO problems related to the engine. John Kaase and his people are my heroes.

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Anonymous on Dec 1, 2011 said:

Impressive!!! The Boss 9 motor is so awesome looking, pure art! Too bad Ford never offered that killer power plant in the Cyclones and Torinos! 5 Stars....Simply awesome!

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profaqualung on Mar 8, 2012 said:

Thank you. Recently went over the 20,000 mile mark - no engine problems. Highway mileage up to 14.3 mpg. This thing has enough torque to jump-start a dead planet.

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ghpcnm on Mar 9, 2012 said:

I'm in love with your car.

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TORINOGT429SUPERCOBRAJET on Nov 1, 2015 said:

I love this car I have a 72 Gran Torino with a Boss 429 maybe the two cars can write to each other just joking..Great Job again...

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