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61 Ghia 429

Just your typical backyard VW

A loooonnnggg way to go yet.

70 429, ported DOVE heads, KB pistons, Edelbrock cam and Victor intake. ARP, Holley 750,and pump.

Rack & pinion w/VW front suspension. Coil-over shocks raised it up enough for oil pan clearance, I think.

Having to modify BBChevy headers. They will empty into side pipes some day. The exhaust has been a real headache.

Dodge truck radiator. (it's all I had that was good) It was mounted where rack and pinion now is. I moved it out in front and leaned it back. Some day, there will be sheet metal around it.

Courier rear. (because it was the right width and I didn't have $$ for a narrowed 9") I may have to totally re-do the rear setup. That'll be after the steering and exhaust gets done. The whole thing won't fit under my shed. I'll have to turn it around to do the rear.

Volvo seats and a "custom" box.(old computer case parts)

Still working on ideas for a grill. Here's one of them. I had to move the radiator back inside. Just too much trouble out front.

Got some sheet metal going for a firewall. It'll look better when it's cleaned and painted. How about that flywheel air cleaner ??

Lights. Ford pickup headlights and old military turn signals. The lower are old tractor lights,(I think) that'll be used for fog lights. The big radiator sure makes it hard to figure out a grill.

After a body off "clean up" and weld job, I got the inside pretty much done. I rigged up,(some people call this "custom engineering"), a functioning parking brake, put the gauges in and hooked up, and sealed up the back.

Got the gas tank install along with all the wiring, including lights, battery, complete.

This is what I did with the front. It may not look exactly right but, I figure if people don't like it, they don't have to look at it. About all that's left now is the drive shaft and title work and find some headlights to stick in. And get the rubber seal for my "new" '61 windshield.

Clean the 429 up(needs it again). Put on chrome valve covers, painted the headers once, got the "firewall" almost finished, and mounted some heat shields to try to keep my feet from cooking.

It's on the road!! Finally. Runs great, no major problems yet. I've still got to mount the front fenders and make some sort of a hood but, it's driveable like it is. And legal even.

It needs new tires before I go too far from home.

The sidepipes need some inserts to quiet it down. I stuffed some homemade baffles and a few other odds and ends in but, it's still way much too loud for my liking. And I'm sure the local l.e. guys are going to have word with me about it.

The fenders will change the front looks for the better. Just got to make some brackets. They will turn with the steering. I have to notch out a bit on the front of each fender to clear the headlights.

Homemade headlight bucket brace.

Found a deal on a couple of Cooper radials. They are a little shorter which is good for fender clearance but bad for engine RPM. Now at 3,000 rpm at 60 mpg.

Shorter made the difference.


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v8b2000 on Jul 6, 2011 said:

Holy sweet Jesus, that thing's gonna be fast when it gets finished! What kind of sheet metal were you planning on bending up for the front?

You'll need a pilot's license to run that thing. One hell of an original piece of car crafting you got going on there, just keep working on it a piece at a time.

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v8b2000 on Jul 6, 2011 said:

One more thing I was going to add cause I just noticed you were running a Courier rear, basically the same as a Mazda B2000. I killed 3 of those inside of 6 months with a junk Chevy 305 until I found a 9" that had already been narrowed. The spider gears in them are junk & short of welding it up, there's no upgrades available. My truck is an '86 Mazda B2000 that's hosted a 305, 355 and coming soon a 383 stroker. Sorry, no pics just haven't gotten around to it.

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junker039 on Jul 6, 2011 said:

Thanks v8b2000. I'm planning on some sort of Model"A" looking front metal. With opening sides along with the original hood. (maybe). Yeah, I figured the Courier rear won't last but, until I find a cheap or free 9", that's it. Real tight "unemployed" budget here. Thanks.

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v8b2000 on Jul 6, 2011 said:

I feel your pain brother, it always seems like the aspiration is much larger than the funds to make it so. When I look at your project from the side, I see something different. Try a '33 Ford Model B for thought, especially with the lay-down radiator you have. Research the band ZZ Top and their first car, the Eliminator & I think you'll see what I have in mind. Done right, it would be unlike anything ever seen before.

I would also suggest you measure Ford Ranger rear-ends. I know on the V6 models they run the 8.8" and while it may not be a 9, it's a stout sucker and lots of aftermarket support exists for it. I know the Mustang crowd shoves 500 horses through them without much more than a good limited-slip. You'd also have a much larger availability of rims for it because with the rear you have now, you're stuck with Chevy 4x4 choices.

Also more food for thought, I got my 9" housing & axles from a guy who built it for his Toyota rock-crawler truck. He abandoned the project & needed money so I gave a C-note for all of it, already narrowed. I then bought a Strange center section, used Detroit locker from DEI (that's right, Dale Earnhardt!), gears and bearing set all from different vendors off Ebay. Point is I have about 500 bucks in all of it. So check your local rock-crawling crowd, you may get lucky & I would be happy to point you where to go on Ebay.

Just trying to give you some ideas & help you along.

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junker039 on Jul 7, 2011 said:

Thanks. There's a bunch of Mustang people around here so I shouldn't have much trouble finding something. I just have to have some cash-ola on hand before I look too hard. Nobody wants to barter anymore. Everything is about the cash. They don't do their own work. Most are pro built and the owners don't have a clue what dirty hands are. Anyway, a friend has a grill he thinks is from a 34 Ford but, isn't sure. He has a barn stuffed full of old stuff, mostly farm tractor parts. When he runs across the grill, it's mine. I won't pass it up. No hurry. It's going to be 2023 before I'm ready for it anyway.(lol) Thanks again.

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ghpcnm on Jul 7, 2011 said:

2023 ? Isn't the world suppose to end next year ? Hurry up and get it finished...I wanna see it !!!

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junker039 on Dec 23, 2013 said:

It's not quite 2023 yet and I'm getting closer to driving this thing. Headlights, windshield rubber, driveshaft shortening, insurance, and title work. That's a bunch less than two years ago.

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ghpcnm on Dec 23, 2013 said:

Congrats !!! I like what you did with the front.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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Anonymous on Aug 7, 2014 said:

how far have you gotten with it now?

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junker039 on Aug 7, 2014 said:

It's on the road!!! I finally got the title work done and "Antique" plates. It drives like a tank, hot, very loud, doesn't handle worth a crap, but it does scoot on down the road when I press on the gas. Just the way I like it. Front fenders, some sort on engine cover, new front tires, and that'll pretty much be it. And side pipe inserts. It's too loud. Until I find something else to do to it. Later.

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Warrior on Jun 3, 2015 said:

Holy cow....Road Warrior material for sure! Cool project and glad it scoots the way you like.

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