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The Radio Flyer

Supercharged & under construction

This is a Photoshoped concept picture of my project truck that is now under construction. Although the truck in the picture is actually a '56 it is otherwise quite similar to my '53 and was about the best available photo to modify. You can see a detailed progress report including videos and progress pictures by going to:

Project is currently on hold due to other paying jobs in the shop and a big ongoing job for my car club. See:

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Later Folks...

Blasted and primed chassis from '99 Explorer donor.

Modified rear section under bed for '90 T-Bird IRS

Modified cab floor and firewall of the '53 cab by welding in floor and firewall of a '99 Explorer donor to facilitate mounting cab on Explorer chassis.

Cab:1953 F-100 with '99 Explorer firewall & floor pan
Rolling Chassis:1999 Explorer 4WD modified with '90 T-Bird IRS
Engine:1990 T-Bird Super Coupe 3.8L Supercharged V6
Transmission:M5R2 5 speed OD w/manual transfer for 4WD
Rear differential:Fixed mount 8.8 w/ limited slip
Front differential:Fixed mount 8.8 w/ limited slip
All Fenders:Original steel, no plastic or fiberglass
Bed:All steel fabricated with a few original parts
Interior:Complete '97 Explorer dash, instruments and controls
Steering:Rack and pinion power
Lighting:Xenon and LED external lighting and signal
Rear suspension:Independent rear suspension from '90 T-bird
Front suspension:Independent tortion bar and double A-arm
Seats:6 way powered from '97 Explorer Sport
HVAC:Stock heat, ventilation, defrost and A/C from '97 Exp.
Radio and Sound:Aftermarket high end head unit, (Not yet acquired)
Amplifiers:Three J&L Audio amps w/line level crossover
Speakers:10" Subwoofer, 2ea 8", 2ea 6", and 2ea tweeters
Ham Radio Equipment:Kenwood 50W 6M all mode, & Triband FM Transceivers
CB Radio:Cobra SSB unit


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Anonymous on Apr 28, 2011 said:

The 56 Ford PU is my favorite.

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dgboley on Feb 23, 2012 said:

Mine is not a '56, the picture is a Photoshop job done on a rig that was pictured on the web someplace. It just happened to be a pic that could be easily reworked as a madel to best illustrate my project goals. Mine is a '53. I am in a minority but I happen to like the 53s better.

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ghpcnm on Feb 23, 2012 said:

Great concept...How about louvers on the hood ?

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