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My Cherry Original '71 340 Road Runner.

It had sat in a garage in Alamdea Calif. the last 25 years. When I finally got the rear seat removed, (it was stuck) I found a treasure trove of personal items from the original owners... (click on pic to enlarge) It needed a 340 pie tin,..a new washer bottle and a trunk mat to replace the orange shag carpet,.. I had the original 800 CFM thermobog rebuilt and it's back on the car now. I was contacted shortly after posting about my new road runner on - by the guy who owns the identical car built just before mine, his vin. ends in 3, and mine in 4. Sales bank cars, they were identical right down to the three lone options, power steering, transverse reflective stripe and rally wheels, bare bones just like a proper Road Runner should be. All the Runners I see at shows are now loaded with add on options, sorry people those are GTXs. I'll post more info later,.. on to the pics...

The runner was a wedding present and the honeymoon was spent traveling around the Pacific Northwest, the son stuffed his homework under the back seat where there was also maps of their trips, a wallet with lay-away slips for furniture and a diary written in Spanish by the wife who learned to drive in the car...

The Old Plymouth drives pretty well, it could use a new exhaust as the pass side donut is shot and so the car putt putts and smokes from up front a bit...

Everyone who rides in it remarks on how powerful the car is. It really flies and the suspension is smooth and very well controlled, my big block '69 charger isn't nearly as well balanced as this 340 small block is.

I love to see the expressions when oncoming folks recognize what is approaching them, you can actually see people going through a time warp,.. and i always hear "I haven't seen one of those in ages!!" I think, it has one of the prettiest faces an automobile ever had, and I use any excuse to honk the horn, kids love it and the little bird in the grill...

I had plans to update the RR with front discs, & new paint, but then she won't be original anymore and so i haven't done anything but drive her and blow the carbon out weekly.... BTW: i've nicknamed her the "Battlestar Galactica". BSG for short.


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34RedRat on Dec 1, 2008 said:

Nice....I had a '72RR....opps it was a GTX, 440, 4spd....loaded. Bought in Riverside, CA and sold in VA

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veloudaa on Mar 29, 2009 said:

Way cool that you kept all the stuff you found in the car. I love that body style too. Great looking car, and thanks for the complement on my '71 Bee. veloudaa

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Anonymous on Nov 30, 2009 said:

I remember seeing that car around Alameda when I was a kid ( I was born in 1970 ) . My aunt , uncle and loads of cousins lived in a house off of San Antonio across from a park ; and I recall seeing your R.R. around the area when we'd go somewhere ! Very cool find !

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RonRRC on Nov 28, 2011 said:

Love it!!! Super nice MOPAR!!

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veloudaa on Dec 20, 2011 said:

Really nice car, and some really cool stuff found under the seat.

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Anonymous on Jul 14, 2020 said:

Just notice this article, I also have a 71 roadrunner 340 4-speed car. A barn find in north Ohio. I brought it back to texas, its unmolested and still has pretty good original paint. (Sherwood green)

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jhar62 on Jul 15, 2020 said:

Really enjoy see your car, hope you get a chance to check mine out.

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