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Questions for the "Non-GM Car Show Game - 1960s" game

This is just a list of the questions (without photos) in the trivia game "Non-GM Car Show Game - 1960s".

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Q: Identify these grilles with stacked headlights.

Q: What years are these Dodge Darts?

Q: Identify these Ford Falcon / Mercury Comets.

Q: What years are these Chrysler 300s?

Q: Identify these AMC cars

Q: What are these 1969 Model Mopar Muscle cars?

Q: What years are these Mustangs?

Q: What are these Plymouths?

Q: Identify these Ford Torino / Fairlanes

Q: Identify these Studebakers

Q: What are these 1964 Dodge/Chrysler/Plymouth models?

Q: Identify these special edition Mustangs

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