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Questions for the "Automotive History (50's - 60's) Trivia Game" game

This is just a list of the questions (without photos) in the trivia game "Automotive History (50's - 60's) Trivia Game".

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Q: What is the official name for Buick Port Holes?

Q: Who was the "Boss", as in the Boss 302 and Boss 429 Mustangs?

Q: Starting with what model year did all US cars come equipped with dual master cylinder brake systems?

Q: What was the first mass-produced OHV V8?

Q: The Chevy 409 is the bigger version of what engine?

Q: When did Chrysler first officially use the "Hemi" name?

Q: When did Chevrolet begin producing their famous small block engine?

Q: What model year did Pontiac's V8 debut?

Q: Why did the Mustang get bigger for 1971?

Q: The decal on this Buick Nailhead says "Wildcat 445". What is 445?

Q: Speaking of American torque, are you aware of Chevy's first 427? It was called the Z11 (a stroked 409), advertised at 430 HP & 435 ft# torque (some were as high as 650HP). 13.5:1 compression and dual 4 barrels. How many were built?

Q: In what model year did Pontiac start using the split grille and the arrowhead emblem? (Note: this photo is a '65 Catalina)

Q: What model year(s) was the "California Special" edition of the Mustang available?

Q: What model year did Pontiac's Tri-Power (3-2 bbl carbs) become available?

Q: When did Chrysler make their first (automotive) engine with hemispherical combustion chambers?

Q: What is the last year for Pontiac tripower?

Q: How many horsepower did the original Chrysler 300 make, and when was it introduced?

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