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Bobz Garage

Past, Present & Future

1970 Plymouth GTX, 440+6, Auto & Dana with 4.10 gearing. I was lucky enough to own this car since 1980 for 30 years. Riverside Raceway was home to a lot of drag racing, after which cruising & car shows were keeping me busy. It now has a new home to a dedicated enthusiast who returned it back to stock perfection.

More cars soon... more Big Block Cars PLUS old photos and history. Next cars will be My 1968 Cougar XR7 GT with a 428 2x4 & 1966 Corvette 427 coupe x-road racer. I have pics of past cars like my 1936 Chevy coupe, "The Tasmanian Devil" with a 440 & a 1970 Cuda 440+6.

Don't let the E.T. fool ya, called sand bagging in my day. Ran consistent 12.20's. Last race at RIR before people got greedy & turned it into a mall...

Ok couldn't resist the 80's clothes, but that is a "Love my Hooker Headers" hat. Dig the 6-pak

OK, promised a Cougar, so here ya go.... Bought it in the service in 1978 cause my dad once had one. 1968 XR7 (luxo model) with A/C delete, 4 speed toploader, 9" locker, & my favorite, dual quad 428. Seen more than it's share of OCIR and Pomona, not to mention street racing. Mostly stock, all Ford/Mercury. AND, still got it...

My pride & joy. Bought in 1984 as you see it here. ex-road race/scca car since 1966. Yes flared and painted in '66, Factory 427, 4 speed with 3:73 gears. virtually untouched from original except for those flares. I was going to restore it, but after building the 427, it dyno'd in the day at 540 HP and I didn't have the heart to deflare it and run it on skinny tires. SO. It still runs old skool 295 50-15 BFG's on 10" Americans ON ALL 4 CORNERS. What a mind blower, almost need a pacemaker the heart to remembers to beat...YES, still got that one too.

Yeh, I know, what is THAT doing here?? Well in 1991 I found this pocket rocket that I could still afford gas for. #54 of 500 built in Whitter in Shelby's factory. Packing over 220 HP of turbo intercooled 4 banger, I had a lot of fun with the early to mid 90's Mustangs. Then before I lost a race I retired it to scca racing since Mustangs had a good chance of kicking my butt on the street. It's virtually 100% stock, looks like the photo & YES, I STILL HAVE IT!

CA plate on the shelby

1936 Chevy "Tasmanian Devil" 70's to mid 80's Full Tilt 1/4 mile race car. Ran a 440 Chrysler (w/lead filled heads), Torque Flight w/reverse shift valve body. Ran best time of 10.23 w/slicks. This is a picture after I got the car & after it's strip days, as a street driver. At least it had CA "black plates". Still I raced the hell out of it. Interesting to note the front wheels and NO FRONT BRAKES!!! Crazy Ride, to say the least!! I traded it for a Harley Chopper in 1985 or so. Unfortunately is was painted by the new owner and lost it's Heritage Forever. Was somewhere in Norco CA, last I saw it, it had been wrecked. I have been looking for it ever since, to return it to it's former glory!!!

NOW YOU GET A GOOD IDEA WHY I'M NOW SINGLE, NOT TO MANY GEARHEAD GALS OUT THERE!!!! Oh, There's way more cars to come, but this is a start...


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MustangGirl on Sep 28, 2012 said:

Looks like your love affair with cars has brought you a lot of joy.

Thanks for sharing these awesome photos, and look forward to seeing more.

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hwcoop on Nov 7, 2012 said:

Great looking cars...Love the GTX, my friend had a 68 440 and a 67 Hemi GTX ..what a blast those B body's were. C2 Vette is very nice as well, Have a C3 myself :-)

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Anonymous on Jan 13, 2013 said:

Great photos

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jeremycabler613 on Jan 14, 2013 said:

i like the car my friend and this is my best car ever ?

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Anonymous on Jan 26, 2013 said:

Had new '70 Roadrunner. Same color as yours, with same hood paint. 440X6pak. 4Speed. 410 gears. Beautiful car.

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joedirt216 on Feb 11, 2013 said:

Killer cars, i really like the GTX and the Coupe!! My brother is on his way to maybe buy a Super Bee..i hope he gets it I'll post pics if he does. I painted a 1969 Mod Top for a friend I'll post pics when I can. Nice cars you have there!!!!

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Anonymous on Feb 15, 2013 said:

thank you for sharing these nostalgic cars, no doubt in my mind they brought memories that will last forever. thanks again

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