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1 Of 15 copper color 55 ever sold

I stored the original hub caps because I like the rare GM accessory wire wheels offered in 53 called "Motor Wheels" by GM. I also have the Original 1 of 5 ever commissioned by GM, a green tinted bubble top that may be the only one known to ex-site.

Very few 55s ever see the road again but we use our 55 and as you see we also pull a 1947 tear drop trailer when we travel, been to NY, FL, and around the country in our 55 twice in the last 10 years. It runs and drive great, isn't that what they're for? And yes we do sleep in it.

On one of our other trips

This was taken for a calender pic in our small local town, which now shows the after market Plasticon hard top I use in the winter time.


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ghpcnm on Oct 14, 2014 said:

Gorgeous car. Is that your wife? WOW!!!

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Anonymous on Oct 14, 2014 said:

I wish

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Warrior on Jun 3, 2015 said:

What an amazing collection! The pull behind is wicked cool and the ultra rare bubble top on your Vette is pretty wild. Totally calendar should do more....with more babes.

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Anonymous on Apr 29, 2016 said:

What number is your 55? We had number 283

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Anonymous on Apr 29, 2016 said:

#401 email me

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azmusclecar on May 1, 2016 said:

You are breaking ALL the rules with this 55.......and a lot of hearts with the model..... You Sir...........are a true SHOWMAN. My hats off to you. and you car and your trailer and to my wife who I allowed to pose like this. Ok, I'm lying. I didn't allow her. Ok, she's not my wife, just my girlfriend. Ok we broke up back in grade school. OK she left me for another kid with a Schwinn Corvette Bike. Happy now???????

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Copper55 on May 1, 2016 said:

Having a nice collector car of any kind has it's advantage if you brake down , some women will stop and help you fix it , it was the best day I ever had braking down and having someone help me!

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azmusclecar on May 3, 2016 said:

Did the car break down or you or did she?'a a rhetorical question. I'll make up my own answer and tell the story from my point of view...........that is one large tool in her hand.

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Copper55 on May 3, 2016 said:

For a calendar last year just for our town and Thanks

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Mario on Jun 13, 2021 said:

I just spotted your 55 Copper color Vette, it's amazingly beautiful! I never knew they made Copper Vettes.

I grew up in the Fifties and have been to many car shows for over 20 years and never saw one. Great car and nice spread too! Thanks, Mario

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Anonymous on Dec 18, 2021 said:

Gorgeous, those 55 lines don’t look 66 years old. This car will always be a beauty. pickupguy

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