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~ Chapter 42 - Beyond ~ Going Back in Time



Beyond ~ Going Back in Time ~

Before viewing this great adventure any further may I suggest that you go down to the bottom of this storyline and click on the first video that you come to with Mickey Rourke and his Bike and beautiful "Wild Orchard" music in order to enhance this reading ~


In the late '60s I would ride my Yamaha 125 cc dirt bike on the right side land, not shown in the photo, before the Staten Island Mall was built on the olde airport and I would enter this marvelous adventure from behind St Andrews Church ~

~ I had a '64 Ford Galaxy 500 XL and I built a ramp out of wood and steel that I got from my neighbor Bob as he worked in a steel mill ~ I left two openings that I cut in the wood that would hold the tires ~ The steel wrapped around the wood and the end of the steel was bent in such a way that I could fit them over the rear bumper that in those days were real steel and chrome bumpers unlike those that we have on todays cars ~ I would than lift the Motorcycle one wheel at a time and put the wheel in the cut out holes ~ I than found that the back of the car would sag down from the extra weight of the Motorcycle ~ So I managed to get coil springs in between my rear axel and the leaf springs that came with the car so that the car would not sag anymore due to the extra weight and off I went riding into the sunset ~ lol ~ Oh and one more thing, the coil springs were held in place by steel coat hangers that I folded over the springs and the cars body frame ~ I may not be Albert Einstein but with a lot of determination I managed to get what I want and needed too ~

Amazing stuff in that area at that time were burnt out houses with just their chimney left and shown, burned out cars, horse back riders and one time I found a brand new car too that was still untouched ~ I went over to the car to look through the glove compartment with the thought that I might find some ID to call the owner, but before I could do anything further a truck with two guys came into the area and they said to me something about, "Oh a new one" ~ My reply was yeah but I knew it was time to leave tho ~

When I came back on that trail to leave the area after I discovered the abandoned airport field, they had the car upside down and were removing the seats ~

For all I knew it could have been my new French Fuego of around that time period ~ lol ~

~ Yamaha 125 cc Dirt Bike ~

~ St Andrews Church where the road to the Dirt Bike adventure would start ~

~ Real sport looking French car known as a Fuego ~ For the story behind this French Car click on this link ~

~ Going back in time as I'm standing in my "Time Machine" ~

My '64 Ford Galaxy 500 XL was purchased for the fact that it only had 15,000 miles on the speedometer

~ I one time went to the English Race Track in New Jersey when they had a car flea market (after getting into an accident) where they had many car parts for sale and I saw the head light rims in a box, so I asked where the front car grill was ~ The fella said that he had it in his garage and If I followed him he would sell it to me for $20 after I had called a Ford Dealership and they told me it would cost $250 ~ So I did follow him and I purchased it for the given price of $20 ~

~ Front View of my Ford ~

In 1990 Robin Williams and Jeff Bridges were on 24th street filming several scenes from the movie "The Fisher King" and as I worked in the building next to this filming I and a friend of mine named Herb were both able to stay on this street during the filming, even though it was closed off to the public and we both got to speak to Robin Williams for some length of time..After speaking to Robin and he later was in various parts of 24th Street, he always took the time to wave to us after he finished his acting part......Great and friendly guy was Robin.....As far as I knew Herb and I were the only non-cast members on that block.....

If I remember right but am not certain as the picture is not clear enough, the two people in the background to the far right might be Herb and myself just before we met Robin Williams RIP on May 21, 1990 on 24th street and Park Ave South.....The park at the other end of this building is Madison Square Park.....Robin was nice enough to come into the area of the building located at Park Ave South, as shown in this photo, to speak with us after we called to him during that period..... The credit for this picture goes to the incredible actor Jeff Bridges..This paragraph along with the url were added on August 22, 2014 almost 25 years after the photo was taken... I retired from this job in 1992...

In 1993 Liz and I were in Atlantic City on one pleasant day but could have gone to any other place that day but we did not......We could have gone into any casino on the boardwalk that day but instead kept on strolling until we came to the Trump Plaza Casino and at that point and by chance, decided to walk into that casino..........When we were inside this casino we could have kept walking straight into the casino but instead decided to take the escalator to the next floor to see the beautiful stores located in this casino.........

When we reached the top of the escalator we noticed the "Tiffany Jewelry Store" right in front of the escalator.......Who did we see in this jewelry store......?.........You guessed it, none other than the famous Donald Trump and Marla Maples........The reason that they were in that store was to pick out the engagement ring for this soon to become lovely bride........The story was in the papers the next day..... The people watching this purchase was Liz and I, about 3 or 4 people standing out side the store and the clerks in the store.........There were no reporters that I saw or noticed in attendance..........Apparently "the adjustment bureau" at work...........

As it turned out, after getting married the Trumps first child was a beautiful baby girl and she was appropriately named 'Tiffany'.......

Video and audio clips

~ Mickey Rourke and his beautiful GF have said, "And don't forget to leave a 'Like' and 'Comment' just below ~ Thank You very much as we love hearing from you ~


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