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Chapter 55 ~ Gallagher's "Max" Book

~ Vinnie Gallagher and Max Ries ~

~ Max Ries ~

~ Vinnie Gallagher ~

Email from Vinnie Gallagher said, "Just finished my book..started out to be a short outline of my Guard and Army service for my grand kids who were teens and pre-teens at the time. They are now 26, 22 and 18, to give you an idea of how long it took. I am now trying to catch up on my social life I had so long neglected. The book grew to a 500 page book with an additional 100 pages of B/W and full color photos. I only had two pictures of Max whom, I dedicated my book to. Attached is my tribute to Max and some samples of the cover and a preface. The book will be available sometime this winter. First in full color e- version then, in B/W paperback and full color hard bound. I will let you know when it comes out. The Lords Blessings to you and your family Nick from, me and Lee."

~ John Gallagher as the Director ~

~ Lincoln Zephyr V12 1939 Stock Photo ~

My Email reply to Vinnie Gallagher ~ Thanks much Vinnie and congratulations too ~ I am very excited to see your finished Product ~ I just now sat down at my computer to write another chapter when I saw your email and read it first ~ I have some of the pictures of Max that you once sent to me and several others of you and your son John ~ I also have the photo of the Lincoln Car that you sent to me ~

I too have approached a Publisher (Boulevard Books - about my stuff but have not pursued it too closely ~ In my case complications would be with the photos (copy right) and You tube videos (also copy right) ~ The Publisher that I dealt with is from Staten Island and I also got some interesting info from YouTube ~

~ I was thinking at one time of sending you an Email about your book and who you are using but never got around to it tho ~ Looks like you beat me to the punch ~ Below is a chapter with some of your photo's and story line where you gave me much info ~ The nice thing about using a website is that when I up-date the Chapter at my end it also automatically up-dates all the ones that are out there too ~

Just click on the link to see it ~

Nick 11/14/2016

~ Max Ries in Korea during the North Korean War ~

~ Vinnie Gallagher 3rd from left side with Max Ries following in 4th place and the rest of their buddy's too ~

~ 1932 Willy's Jeep ~

~ Another photo of the 1939 Lincoln Zephyr but this photo was sent to me from Vinnie ~

Hi Nick, I just checked my email and clicked on the link that thoroughly interested me. That old 1932 Willy's me and Max paid $25.00 each for never really ran and we sold it to Mike Gangarosa who did fix it and drove it. Is that picture you use a 1950 or so Cadillac? Best, Vin PS you mention about using pictures found on line. Please be very careful when you do. I actually used an attorney to check out my selections to make sure I could use them and showed the proper credit. I paid for the use of some from and I'm self publishing.

~ Before and --->

~ After ~

~ Thanks for your reply Vinnie ~ I saw some data on self publishing on YouTube and other stuff too like the cost can run from $40 to $5000 and more depending on what you need or do ~ Did you find self publishing difficult to do ?

~ The car picture that you once sent to me as I recall was of a beautiful black Lincoln but I don't remember the year ~ I have a photo of it in my photo library but don't know how to put it on email, but I can put it on FaceBook if your a member or I can send it to Lee as I know that she is a FB member ~

~ The car that I use in my Chapters is a '49 Chevy that I customized back in '55 and painted with 19 coats of paint and it actually belonged to my father ~ It was built to look like a '49 Cadillac by using Caddy fins on it and also the moulding on the side is from a Pontiac and the part of the moulding that goes up to the window was from inside door moulding from wrecks that came in for repair work at the Bayer Chevrolet Dealership that I worked at on Steinway Street in Astoria ~ You can read all about this car on the chapter concerning it and includes how I met Eddie Fisher too ~ For that story click on this link ~

~ Happy Anniversary to a Beautiful Couple ~

~ Family with the young couple ~

Hi Nick, I knew nothing about self publishing so I went to a library in Florida and started asking ???'s Start by going on line to see if "Meetup" for writers is local probably is and ask questions. That led me to my publisher. It was all learn as you go...and all pay as you go. First by using my own scanner and printer and when in Florida I downloaded on to Flash Drives and took them to Staples downloaded and printed and produced my manuscript. I checked on local writers meetings like "Meetup" got the phone # of a local person who self published a book and was referred to my publisher. I asked tons of questions and picked as many brains as I could. I called Friesen Press 1-888-378-6793 for more info on pricing and procedure. It was all new and I still ask ??? and still learning.

A word on what's legal and what can cause problems. The picture of that 1939 black Lincoln Zephyr I sent to you...don't use it. My attorney advised me it is protected by copyright law and I deleted any copies in my computer I suggest you do the same. I replaced it with a properly credited and approved picture but, it was a beauty. That was before I knew about copyright. I consulted with a publishing atty and now all the pictures in my book are all legally approved and the sources properly credited. Before you proceed it would be good for you to apply to United States Copyright Office it is easy and only costs $85.00. My book is protected by copyright which includes all contents including the use of narrative and pictures as all published works are. I didn't even think about this as I was writing and referring to the internet for nice pictures to help tell my story. Some publishers offer the Copyright but, they own the product and not the writer...for 85 bucks do it yourself.

Lastly, I knew those were Caddie fins on your car what a beauty you made it must have been fun building that piece of art. I remember that funny looking Willy's me and Maxie had and the thought made me smile. That SGT Morrow you mentioned was actually Mario Mauro younger brother to Bill Mauro one of my old First SGT's. Mario was one of four great gun commanders Charlie Battery had in Korea...Scarborough, Farrington, Cruz and Mauro. I choke up just thinking about those guys.

Video and audio clips

~ How to self publish a book ~


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