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Mario's 1969 Camaro SS

Camaro SS 1969

My 1969 Camaro SS with my future wife.

On trailer

On trailer

Original 1969 Camaro car booklet

Video and audio clips

1969 Camaro TV Commercial

1969 Camaro resilient bumper

1969 Chevy Full Line

1969 Camaro and CST/10 Truck commercial


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azmusclecar on Sep 29, 2020 said:

I was so blown away when my friend pulled up beside me as I was walking home and offered me a ride in his brand new 1969 Camaro Z/28. His dad bought it for him and I wanted his dad to be my dad. But I digress. I was always enamored by the looks of the Ralley Sport concealed headlights. Amazingly in my ownership of some 60 cars in my life, I only owned 1 69 Camaro. Sadly I purchased a bad example and rather than enjoy it, I wanted to just get it out of my sight. But I can always appreciate any sort of tribute to any 69 Camaro.

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Mario on Sep 29, 2020 said:

Thank you for your 69 Camaro story that was really nice and good to know a 69 Camaro previous owner. I had mine new for 10 years before selling and wish I would have kept it. But the girl in the pix I did keep and we are now married 50 years so it turned out OK!

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azmusclecar on Sep 29, 2020 said:

Trust me, you made the right choice. It's easier and cheaper to replace a car. Nuff' said.

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57timemachine on Oct 28, 2020 said:

No doubt about it Mario, you are a in the blood Chevy guy. I do not where you dig up all this amazing historical Chevy stuff but thank you for sharing it with all us gear heads on here. Cheers.

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Mario on Oct 29, 2020 said:

You are so very welcome. I had that Camaro for 10 years but finally gave it up to buy furniture for our house. The girl in the pix is my wife of 51 years! Imagine that!

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57timemachine on Nov 2, 2020 said:

Mario, did you actually drive that sweet car in the winter, because I see snow tires in the back. What motor and tranny was in your Camaro. Did you ever keep track of the car after you sold it. I love those chrome reverse rims you have on the car, especially with the red line tires. Cheers.

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Mario on Nov 3, 2020 said:

Yes I drove the car all year for 10 years even in the snow. Posi rear kept it straight. Kept it in the garage at night. Had the original 350cu, 4 BBl Quadrajet, Hearst Quick ratio 4 spd, converted to real dual exhausts for extra power. I sold it to the manager of Hustedt Chevrolet car dealer in NY and he kept it for years. It was a beauty and powerful. Mario

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57timemachine on Nov 13, 2020 said:

Mario, thanks for sharing that information. I have a question to ask you. Of all the many cars you have owned from the start, what car do you regret the most in letting it go and why. For me it will forever be letting my 56 Chev 210 sedan and my 57 Chev Bel Air hardtop go when I did. Why why why do we do this. I look back and think of how goofy I really was to let my gems go. Cheers.

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Mario on Nov 14, 2020 said:

I took my road test in my Aunt's 57 Chevy 2 door sedan and passed first time. That was a great car she owned. I regret not having my first car a 59 Pontiac Catalina conv. I gave it to my Aunt when I was in Vietnam she needed a car. Unfortunately she wrecked it in an accident but she was OK. I also regret selling my 69 Camaro SS. My first new car and the fastest of all I owned. I also owned 2 different BMW 5 series that were awesome and regret selling them too. Incredible driving performance. I had 2 different Hummer H3's that were really cool to drive as well as several Jeeps. Great in the snow here in NY. But if I had to pick one it would be the Camaro. I still have dreams that I own it and drive it around! Crazy isn't it!

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