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Just interesting photos from the past..past..past.


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57timemachine on Oct 29, 2020 said:

I have no order here what so ever. Just a mish mash of cars I have built over the years. Some I still own. Cheers.

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mariorojas2005msn on Oct 30, 2020 said:

Nice pix George! Tri-Chevys are the greatest and so are the chevy wagons. Mario

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azmusclecar on Oct 30, 2020 said:

Great pics, always brings back the memories of the good ol' days or daze depending on your mood.

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57timemachine on Oct 30, 2020 said:

Sometimes it feels like a daze after all these years. So many cars and so much work but there was a lot of great fun along the way. I learned a lot with every car that I bought and worked on.

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mariorojas2005msn on Oct 31, 2020 said:

Your 74 Chevy wagon reminds me of my Dad's 72 Chevy wagon. His first car with A/C and he loved it! I eventually bought it and loved hauling plywood 4x8 sheets with it! Mario

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57timemachine on Oct 31, 2020 said:

When my dad bought my 74 Chev Caprice Estate wagon new in May 1974, it was also his very first car with AC. It came in handy in our many vacation trips in the summers back then but man did this car love fuel, still does. Cheers.

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azmusclecar on Nov 5, 2020 said:

That 74 Caprice Estate is truly a classic. That rear 3rd seat facing backwards was the kicker. Kids either made faces at you if you are in a car behind them or the kids got to see first hand who was about to plow into the rear of the car. Look at the slope of that rear glass. That looks like NASCAR wind tunnel material. Vinyl wood-grain, will it ever make a comeback??????

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57timemachine on Nov 6, 2020 said:

Azmusclecar, thanks for the kind words. My 74 wagon does not have rear facing third seat. The third seat faces front. We were a family of nine and us seven kids growing up all had our positions in the wagon, just like an army. Of course dad was the General and mom close second in command. We always sat in the same seat during all those years and I now find that kind of funny. Cheers.

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57timemachine on Nov 7, 2020 said:

The last one is a 1967 Buick Special sedan that my dad bought new and I learned how to drive in. My dad gave it to me in the mid eighties, I kept it a year and then like a fool I sold it...dohhh.

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