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Fred's 82 Caballero SS

Nope - -She's not winter driven - this was the day ( November 2017 that I purchased the Caballero and it went directly back into the seller's heated garage where he stored it for me until April.

Since then I've added the Bosch headlight conversion, electronic cruise control, replaced the Quadrajet (wasn't correct for the Edelbrock Intake) with my 600cfm Edelbrock carb. I also have new speakers that I'll replace in April (2021) when It comes back out of heated secure storage. The car was built by a gentleman in Wala Wala when he retired as an Air Frame Mechanic in the USAF. He was the second owner and had it for a long time before he started modifications/upgrades.

These included replacing the V6 with a 350/290 hp crate engine, turbo 350 trans. front disc brakes (drilled slotted rotors), upper and lower tubular control arms, sway bar, 60/40 split bench seat and upgrading the interior, added the fibreglass tonneau cover and did any necessary bodywork prior to a fresh paint job.

The car came to Canada with another (1982 El Camino) and fortunately, I have all the paperwork on the restoration and work done on the car. I have been able to purchase the original parts manuals and the huge OEM parts catalogue,and several brochures which are kind of limited for Caballero vs El Camino.

I was able to call the former owner and talked at length about the history of the car and why he (with a bit of a push from his wife) decided to part with it. Basically the car was just sitting in the garage and not getting much use.

I've changed that (until the cursed COVID hit) but we will continue on with a smile enjoying her.

Yup - - snow on the floor from my shoes the day I bought her.


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carbuff on Mar 20, 2021 said:

This photo was taken at 07:00 hrs. by The Big Orange Bridge in Nelson BC Canada in 1998. I was attending the annual Nelson Road Kings Car Show. There is a reflection on the left front grille header.

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Mario on Mar 21, 2021 said:

You have a really nice Caballero SS there Fred. Great pictures showing your car. Hopefully this summer will be better than the last one and we can get out more. Enjoy your beauty! Mario

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carbuff on Mar 21, 2021 said:

Hi Mario: Thank you for the nice comments on my Caballero. She's a really fun ride and I have it out to as many events as I can. I have an annual trek to Nelson BC for the Nelson Road Kings annual car show which I am now a member of the club as well as our Saskatoon Fifty 567 Car club (since 1974). In 2018 I took her to Big Fork Montana to their annual car show which I enjoyed because all the cars with the exception of the cars there I'd never seen before.

Back in time I was a 55 - 57 Pontiac enthusiast and owned a 57 Pontiac Laurentian 2 dr HT for 40 years, an all original 35,00 mile 57 Pontiac station wagon, a 1956 Pontiac Laurentian Convertible, a 1957 Pontiac Laurentian Convertible (project car), and 3 Pontiac complete parts cars as well as a 56 Convert. parts car.

I have gone to your postings for your ride --- what an awesome car - - a Get Up and Go Car. I didn't have time to click in the videos but will go back to them this evening.

Yup - - spring (officially) is here and I plan to bring the Caballero back from her heated winter storage. Not sure what events will be happening this season due to the virus. Last year one of the local car club presidents organized drives on Saturdays to Seniors Homes in Saskatoon for a cruise by for the residents sitting outside watching the parade of old cars. It was heartwarming to see the happiness on their faces. I work at a seniors complex so I know first hand the impact of this kind of event. There were lots of local drive around arranged by different clubs which were very well attended -- sometimes in excess of 100 vehicles. And life in the car hobby was GOOD - - as good as it could be given the present circumstances.

I am going to post a few more pics when I get some time to search and post. I'm a newbie here on the great looking site. Take care and enjoy your season with White Lightning your friends and family.

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Mario on Mar 21, 2021 said:

I garage White Lightening all winter but love to drive her Spring through Fall. I hit as many car shows as possible though last year 2020 there were no shows. Hope they come back this year. I was out today and saw 4 old cars on the road already! Love all your pictures. Regards, Mario

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azmusclecar on Mar 25, 2021 said:

Nice Caballero SS Fred........I can't recall seeing many of these. I have owned my fair share of El Caminos in my 70 years. Can't blame you for keeping it out of the weather.

I have had cars I didn't drive much and after awhile I sort of recycled them back into the market and buy another to tinker on.

I find joy in both fixing, restoring, and driving my cars and trucks. We all enjoy many different things in life, that is what makes us and our rides interesting.

Enjoy life, for we know not when we will be called home.

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