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The online car show dedicated to American-made iron: old skool, new school, and no school
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Cars of the '80s

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Members' cars

Lost B-bodies - My Cordoba (gdennis400cid)

MY SANDCAR (rbrduck71)

Mario's '80 T/A (marioscollo)

mark's 80 vw bus (cubsandredsoxsfans)

my z28 (carazy57)

bills 80 LIL red truck (pampster)


Warren's Vette (Pairadice)

Justa6 (Justa66)

Kevin's 80 Vet (suptclark)

Ol' Blue (DVS1mn)

Mix Breed (rivierabob)

Pick me up (ralf1943)

Marcel's 625HP Pontiac Lemans Street Car (Marcel)

Tom's 1981 Corvette (chasetf)

glenn's 81 cougar xr7 (81cougarxr7460)

David's 81 280ZX (buzz81)

1981 Corvette Showcar (bigred)

Kevin's 1981 Corvette (Kevin1981Vette)

turbo68's firebird (turbo68)

my C10 (jackstrait)

Our 1982 Corvette at the Kennedy Space Center in front of Atlantis (nasajack)

Dana's 82ttop (Car_Guy)

Gettin along jus right (ByronC)

Steve's Scrambler (spinnercj8)

Grand National (vettemanjoe)

My '82 Galaxie Landau (lovefordgalaxie)

Rays F100 (Relic_Motors)

Les's el-Camino (LesWENTZ)

The Old Tired Fairmont (bencar)

1982 Vanster by Cushman (Wisdalf)

Gigs cutlass (Gigs)

Fred's 82 Caballero SS (carbuff)

Myles' Gitter' (MalibuMyles)

Rich 83 Step Side (Rich83)

lusbytoy 1983 ford ranger (blaine)

1983 Stepside (Rich83)

2 seater firebird (schehld)

John Wayne Travel Trailer (rlawhon)

Mario's Tribute to the only 1983 Corvette in Existence (Mario)

Hostile 84 Corvette (Hostile17)

Linda's 84 Toronado (84Toro)

Stan's new toy (stakus)

Mario's Tribute to C4 Corvette 1984 to 1996 (Mario)

Stephanie's Trans Am (StephS)

Norms 85 F250 4 wheel drive (Norman_Giles)

Lou's Street Legal Drag Ride (lp381)

The Bratt (Davemoe)

My Eldo (myway1955)

Wayne's Corvette (lehrjet)

Corn's Blown TA (corntooth)

all original 54,000 miles (morrisga56)

1985 Chrysler Lebaron (85woody)

1986 Ford F-150 XLT lariot (AMCmoparMan)

1986 Suburban C/K10 (gatordo65)

Grand National (Hyboost)

LittleMissStang's 86 T-Top Mustang GT (littlemissstang)

grocery getter (strokerford)

Shirley-86 Ciera Brougham (ononru)

Jerry's 86 IROC (jpezrox)

Sim's Vette (simcorv)

1987 Corvette original condition (Steveo)

My Wife's YJ (PEELOUT)

my C4 (jackstrait)

John Vincent Mustang 88 (johnvicnent)

Geo's GT (gwing150)

1988 Buick Lesabre T-type (Zeetype)


pappytats flhtc (pappytat)

Benners Baby (Wayner)

Country Squire (mrozika)

daves 88 mark vii (davefordman)

Rich's skateboard '88 Fiero (Aerbkn3)

Jim's Crn. Vic (Lugnut342)

Bob's Vette (hotrodbob)

Dave's '89 Reatta / One I Let Get Away (ghpcnm)

Jerry's 89 IROC Z (jpezrox)

Bob Wood's Safir MkV (GT40Robert)

Hot Rod Jeep (Lee3333)

desert thunderbird (fleetwood)