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Chatsworth, Ontario, Canada Car Show.

September 10, 2021.

1939 Pontiac sedan.


My 1957 Pontiac Pathfinder Deluxe sedan (Canadian model) that I have owned now for 25 years.

1938 Chevrolet coupe.

1920's Dodge.

1951 Chevrolet coupe.

1958 Ford sedan.

1952-1953 Ford pick up.

1949-1950 Dodge sedan.

1961-1967 Ford Econoline pickup.

1957 Ford Ranchero pick up.

1958 Edsel sport sedan (hardtop).

1967 Plymouth sport coupe.

1956 Ford Fairlane sport coupe.


late 30's Ford cab over.

1967 Oldsmobile Delta 88 sport coupe.

1952-1953 Ford cab over.

1935 Chev pick up.

1964 Ford Fairlane sport coupe.

1950 Fargo, Canadian version of the Dodge pick up.

1927-1931 Ford Model A.

1956 Meteor sedan, (Canadian model).

1955 Ford Fairlane sport coupe.

1947-1953 Chevrolet pickup.

1949-1951 Mercury coupe.

1963 Chevrolet Bel Air coupe.

1968 Pontiac GTO Judge.

Just in awe of this amazing truck. 1944 Kenworth.

1962 Pontiac sport coupe (Canadian model).

1956 Ford pick up drag machine. I heard this beast coming into the show and my ears are still hurting. What a beast.

1965-1967 Chevrolet Corvair.

Amazing motor in the Chevrolet Corvair.

If times were ever that simple.

I am in awe of this truck.

Lets keep that corn going to make crappy gas.

A proud owner of a 58 Ford.

My baby chained. 1957 Pontiac Pathfinder Deluxe sedan.

I hear corn being harvested.

1920's Ford flat head four.

440 Mopar V-8.

1966 Chevrolet 327 350 h.p. V-8 in a 1966 Chevrolet Chevy II.

Chevy small block in a rat rod.

390 Ford V-8.

Ford flat head.

Late 30's Ford cab over ramp truck.

32 Ford rod.

1948-1950 Mercury pick up. (Canadian Mercury model).

30's Ford whatchmacallit.

1964 Chevrolet Impala sport sedan (hardtop).

1968-1969 Chevrolet Nova sedan.

1961 Chevrolet Impala sport coupe.

348-409 V-8.

1965-1967 Chevrolet Corvair.

1958 Edsel.

1956 Meteor sedan (Canadian model).

1961-1967 Ford Econoline pick up.

1953 Ford cab over.

1960 Fargo pick up. (Canadian model).

1965 Chevrolet Impala sport coupe.

1961-1967 Ford Econoline pick up.



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57timemachine on Sep 11, 2021 said:

This is my very first car show since the Covid melt down. Usually I go to car shows every single weekend. Adding 3,000 to 4,000 miles a year to my 57 Pontiac and 500 to 1,000 miles a year to my 74 Chev Caprice Estate. This very rural town of Chatsworth, Ontario hosted this great event with live music, beer tent, lots of real friendly folks and a whole lot of sweet looking time machines. Check out the rides and cheers.

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Mario on Sep 12, 2021 said:

You finally made it to a car show this year! Happy for you George!

I like the 55 Ford two tone, very nice. Your 57 Pontiac looks good, nice condition and one of the best in the show. Amazing to see Tractors at a car show but I guess being a rural town the spectators love it.

Big turnout of cars and much needed for the people to get out again. Cheers, Mario

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57timemachine on Sep 18, 2021 said:

I will take the 1944 Kenworth rig. Style in a very big way. Cheers.

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Mario on Sep 21, 2021 said:

I always liked those big rigs with the sleeper cabs. Some of those cabs are like living rooms. A friend of mine's dad when I was in High School had one and used to drive NY to Cali every week. He was home on weekends but gone all week. Real cool! Cheers.

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57timemachine on Sep 24, 2021 said:

That big rig reminds me of the big rig in the great movie "The Duel (1971)". Except the rig in the movie was a killer. A great film that I would recommend to anyone. Cheers.

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ghpcnm on Feb 8, 2022 said:

I'm lovin' that Ford cab-over ramp truck.

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azmusclecar on Oct 27, 2022 said:

Hmmmm, let's see.

I grew up honed on John Deeres so I'll take those 3 in a row. i cut my teeth on a John Deere B, then a John Deere 50 with the exclusive roll-a-matic front wheels. Spent many a day in the broiling sun of PA summers putt putt puttin' up one hill down the next. Cutting hay, raking hay, baling hay....and before you knew it, the day was done, AND SO WAS I!!

A great life, enjoyed sitting up on that seat thinking how big I was to be operating all that equipment. Driving a tractor, a baler, and a hay wagon prepared me for my tractor trailer days.

I'll take the farm life over the OTR tractor trailer life ANY DAY!!!

George, did you mean the movie with Dennis Weaver in The Duel? Yes that little Mopar he was driving just didn't have the umpf to get away from that sinister driver and rigg. A fun and intense movie for those that like that kind.

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57timemachine on Oct 28, 2022 said:

Rob, yes it is that great film with Dennis Weaver. I first saw it on the boob tube in 1971 because it was a made for TV movie. Then it became so big world wide that it was rereleased in the theatres with added footage. Steven Spielberg chose the Plymouth for the movie just based on that bright red paint. Man verses machine has always been a hot topic. Cheers.

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