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Canadian Automotive Museum. Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

Saturday January 20, 2024.

I took in the Canadian Automotive Museum in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada for about the sixth or seventh time in the last twenty five years or so. Oshawa is our Detroit as far as the automotive industry goes and it has been that since the very early part of the last century. This museum officially opened up in 1963 and has been operating ever since then. The building was built in the early 20's and had a new car show room and repair garage. The ground floor was for the car show room and the second floor was for auto repair. The original auto elevator is still operating after just over 100 years. The museum is not fancy in any way but it showcases the cars well. There is limited space so some cars are in the back of other cars. Most of the cars were donated by vintage car folks going back to 1963 and some cars donated by the original owners or their families. The museum is a rich history of Canadian designed cars, Canadian built cars, American and some European cars was well. There are tens upon tens upon tens of millions of dollars worth of cars here. It is mind boggling because the building inside and out is very unassuming. There were far more cars there than I could possibly capture realistically. My intention is that if I survive my younger brother Mike, I will donate any vintage car that I may own at the time, to the museum. I would highly recommend visiting the museum to anyone visiting on their vacation. Oshawa is about 45 minutes east of Toronto. Please excuse the poor quality of the photos of the information cards for the cars. I tried my best. Cheers.

1960 Frontenac. Obviously based on the Ford Falcon. Canada only car and is very very rare today. Built in Oakville, Ontario. Originally just over 8,000 cars were built.

GM of Canada. Oshawa, Ontario.

This 1950 Olds has hand controls for the lady that owned it since new. Once she could not drive she donated the car to the museum. The car has super low miles and all original. This is one of the rare in line six cylinder versions of the popular Olds.

Canadian built. GM of Canada in Oshawa, Ontario.

Canadian built. GM of Canada Oshawa, Ontario.

Canadian model. Built in Windsor, Ontario by Ford.

Canadian model. Dodge based on Plymouth platform. It was a Dodge coming and a Plymouth going. (Plodge). Built in Windsor, Ontario.

British model built by GM for the president of GM of Canada, Samuel McLaughlin.

Canadian built. Built in Walkerville (now Windsor), Ontario.

Canadian built. Walkerville (now Windsor), Ontario.

Canadian Pontiac.

American company. Canadian built in Ontario.

1931 Ford Model A.

1966 Chevrolet Corvair in the back. It should be out front display, like it was a number of years ago.

Canadian built. GM of Canada. Oshawa, Ontario.

The remains of a 1898 Woods electric. American built and one of the very first electric cars ever built.

Last Lumina built in Canada at Oshawa, Ontario plant. The line workers signed the car.

Canadian built. GM of Canada. Oshawa, Ontario.

American company. Canadian built. Leaside (Toronto), Ontario.

Canadian built. GM of Canada. Oshawa, Ontario.

American make built in Canada. Stratford, Ontario.

Steam engine in the Brooks car.

Canadian model. Built in Chatham, Ontario.

American model built in Canada.

American model built in Canada. St. Catharines, Ontario.

Canadian built. GM of Canada. Oshawa, Ontario.

A popular conversion of the Chevy and the Ford Model T, up here in the North land.

Canadian company. Built in Orillia, Ontario.

American company. Built in U.S.A.

Canadian company. Built in Nova Scotia.

Interesting recreation of a barn find of a vintage car. American car and built in Flint, Mich., U.S.A.

Marquette was a companion car to the Buick. At that period every GM car had a companion car, except for Chevrolet.

Canadian built. Orillia, Ontario.

Canadian company. Built in Kitchener, Ontario.

German company. Built in Germany.


American company. Built in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. One of the most popular electric cars at the time.

It was a hoot watching young children enjoy this mini vehicle. It was a rough copy of the Canadian McLaughlin Buick of the early 20's.

This car is worth a ridiculous amount of money. Built in France.

American company. Built in Canada. This dud failure cost the New Brunswick, Canada government countless millions of tax payer money.

British. Owned by one of the wealthiest families in Canada. The Eaton family ran the biggest department store business in Canada.

Ford six. 144, 170, 200. Not sure which.

Chev small block. 283 or 327. Cut away display.

Lightning McQueen. Everyone knows this movie.

British. A whole lot of coin sitting here.

American company. The movie put this car on the map. (Back to the future).


American company. Built in Canada. Walkerville (now Windsor), Ontario.

British. Lots of coin sitting here.

There is a Canadian Pontiac being built by GM of Canada in Oshawa, Ontario.

Many tri five Chevy's 55 56 57 were built by the GM of Canada plant in Oshawa, Ontario.

A few of the Canadian models that were popular.

1934 Buick. GM of Canada. Oshawa, Ontario.

Many famous folks owned this Rolls, including John Lennon and Elton John.

1960 Frontenac. Canadian model based on the Ford Falcon. Built by Ford of Canada. Oakville, Ontario.

1937 Reo. American company. Built in Ontario.


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Mario on Jan 23, 2024 said:

A great car museum you have there George. Many early 1900's cars, Model A's, Rolls, Specialty cars and a Model T.

My interest is always in the 50's cars and the 57 Dodge with a 57 Plymouth rear is very interesting. I never saw that before.

Also the 49 Meteor which is a Mercury in Canada is patterned after the US 49 Ford. I like that car better than the US 49 Mercury which we called the Bathtub.

The 50 Olds and 55 Buick look good and the rare 60 Frontenac (US Falcon) is a treat.

And to top it off with a Back to the Future DeLorean is pure enjoyment!

Thank you for the all the pictures and the tour of your fabulous car museum George. Cheers, Mario.

[Reply to this comment]

57timemachine on Jan 23, 2024 said:

Mario, I have to correct you on the Meteor. It was sold as a separate make. In Canada we had the regular Ford, the regular Mercury and Meteor.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Jan 23, 2024 said:

Oh I see so the Meteor was a separate car from the Ford and Mercury? Did Canada also build Fords and Mercurys as the brand name in addition to Meteor?

[Reply to this comment]

57timemachine on Jan 23, 2024 said:

We built regular Ford's and Mercury's here as well in Oakville, Ontario. Oakville is about 15 minutes south of where I live in Milton.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Jan 23, 2024 said:

OK thanks George.

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