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Massive model car collection of a good friend.

Sunday January 28,2024.

My brother Mike and I went to visit a good friend of ours named Hubert who is a major gear head and a class A model car builder. Hubert has won many awards with many of his outstanding model cars, both here in Canada and in the U.S. as well. He is a mechanic by trade and owns a beautiful 1965 Dodge Polara with a built 440 with dual quads and a four speed stick. Hubert's collection of kits is really something to behold and you go into sensory over load trying to soak it all in. The model cars are broken down into category's like Mopar, Ford and GM for example but there is every imaginable brand represented, including Studebaker and some foreign makes. There are a number of separate display cases not just one or two and Hubert built from scratch all of his display cases. He has over four hundred unbuilt kits just waiting to be built and just finished a 1975 AMC Gremlin X. I did not take photos in any particular order.These photos in no way can do any justice to the magnitude of this model collection. I did my best with the photos but the glass reflection was an issue. Enjoy the car model kits. Cheers.

Iconic Hemi drag motor.

This is just one of many of Hubert's model car display cases.

Modified Chev small block and original Chev big block.

Hi po Chev 350 small block and Chev 327 fuelie for Vette.

Ford big block. S.O.H.C.

Iconic Ford V-8 flat head and FE Ford big block.



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Anonymous on Feb 1, 2024 said:

George George George.......any one that owns THIS many model cars is sick sick sick.....

Now can you tell me how I can get that disease plz?

Wow...I love has he has them grouped too.....

Oh the hours that I spent as a kid, if I could have them back and the models......just to while away the hours sniffing glue and gluing my fingers together.

Ah the memories. Rob

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57timemachine on Feb 1, 2024 said:

Rob, you never cease to crack me up and I mean the good crack not the bad crack. Sniffing model car glue and paint made me the man that I am today. Ok in all seriousness, building models of any sort is a stepping stone to bigger and better things, like the real stuff. I wish I had 5% of the patience my buddy Hubert has, in building such a mind numbing collection. Cheers.

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Mario on Feb 2, 2024 said:

This is surely one of the largest collections of scale model cars I have ever seen George!

Are all these models actually built by your friend or are some store bought diecast models?

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57timemachine on Feb 4, 2024 said:

Every single one was built by my friend from scratch and all air brushed.

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Mario on Feb 4, 2024 said:

That is amazing George! He must have the world's largest scale model kit collection ever.

He should check with Guinness Book of Records and get his name in the book.

I cannot imagine how many thousands of man hours it took him to build all these fantastic models. What a great collection he has. Cheers my friend. Mario

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57timemachine on Feb 8, 2024 said:

Mario, I would wonder too what the record is. Hubert is a very humble guy and I am sure he would take that record is stride.

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