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Terry's '53 Studebaker Commander

1963 Buick Riviera motor with tri-power setup.

As you can see the interior was truly ghastly but has been changed to a soft dove gray in original pleated pattern.

I did not make this car but am slowly changing things. The individual who made it wanted a boulevard cruiser with some drag race options. The wiring and the power train are very interesting. It is installed this way: the motor, flexplate, spacer, flywheel, clutch. This is all inside a Camaro bell housing and then comes the transmission. This is all attached with a strip of cold rolled steel, on the back of the engine. Trans is a M-21 Muncie. Rear end and all brakes are Studebaker Avanti units.

Latest work.......I have ordered steel fenders and hood and will install this spring. I have pulled all the front suspension and am rebuilding everything. Bushing literally fell apart in the press.


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Big_Don on Mar 29, 2009 said:

Yeah, nailhead power!

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Anonymous on Jul 16, 2009 said:

Just how did this peculiar clutch arrangement work? I see no holes in the floorboard.

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Anonymous on May 6, 2011 said:

do you want to sell this 53 studebaker email donhouseworth6@hotmail .com2

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MWP on May 22, 2011 said:

WOW! Nailhead in a Stude. I like it. It bummed me out as a teenager when Buick advertised that Buick was doing away with the nailhead. That was the engine that went in small cars with tight engine compartments. It had bad breathing due to the valve arrangement but Buick made up for that with wild cams.

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Anonymous on Apr 11, 2016 said:

Four of us had '53 Starlights - the other three guys had Nailheads - I had the original 289, but I had a set of JC Whitney Buick into Stude motor mounts - in a box in the trunk. Wish I still had it (the car)

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Anonymous on Dec 8, 2016 said:

Cool car. You said you ordered new fenders and hood. Where did you order that from? Are your fenders and hood fiberglass? Are they for sale? … Clas Lindman 212-717-9020

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