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Mario's Tribute to 1935 Plymouth Dad's First Car

Happy Father's Day!

The 1935 Plymouth was my Dad's first car which he purchased at age 18 in 1942. This is my Tribute to my Dad and his first car. It was a good choice as the 1935 Plymouth had many advancements and improvements of the Low Priced Three.

My Dad had the 1935 Plymouth Model PJ Special Deluxe 4 Door Sedan. It was Roomy and had sufficient Horsepower for its day. Enjoy the many fascinating facts about the newly engineered 1935 Plymouth, Mario.

Happy Father's Day in Heaven Dad! This is for you Dad who taught me how to be a man.

1 1935 Plymouth. My Dad's first car. Dad was 18 years old here, taken in 1942.

2 1935 Plymouth Model PJ Special Deluxe 4 Door Sedan. Same model and color as my Dad's.

3 With the worst of the Great Depression behind them by 1935, automakers could begin to look ahead to renewed sales strength.

4 At Chrysler Corp volume leader Plymouth couldn't have picked a better time to offer completely new 1935 Plymouths.

5 Chrysler Corporation turned 10 years old on June 6, 1935. Plymouth was 3rd in sales a major achievement.

6 In 1935 founder Walter Percy Chrysler turned over the president's chair to his handpicked successor, Kaufman Thuma Keller.

7 Walter P. Chrysler took a less-active role as chairman. It was a good time to change the guard.

8 The Depression was easing, and Chrysler's company was doing well -- especially its Plymouth Division.

9 Interior Trunk has shelf for spare tire and plenty of room. Major suspension improvements and now Plymouth had a car that would run 80 mph.

10 New touring sedans arrived with built-in trunks, an increasingly popular feature. Spare tire and Jack neatly stowed away inside the trunk.

11 New from the frame up, the '35 Plymouths offered major design and engineering advances.

12 Split hood with side air vents for additional cooling.

13 1935 Plymouth L-head straight-six at 85 hp 6.71 compression.

14 Plymouth still had the only four-wheel hydraulic brakes among the Low-Priced Three.

15 There were advancements in water cooling as well as the ignition, now Autolite.

16 Now came a stronger chassis with a revised suspension that improved both ride and handling.

17 1935 Plymouth Deluxe Hood Ornament of Sailing Ship.

18 Wood grain dashboard and Ivory horn button with optional heater. Crank out windshield for interior air.

19 Safer, more streamlined bodies without old-fashioned wooden substructures.

20 The first year that Plymouth lowered the frame around the drive train. This change resulted in a lower center of gravity, enhanced handling and ride.

21 Plymouth sales were 3rd with 350,884 units for calendar 1935 with 26-percent-higher production over 1934.

22 1935 Plymouth Model PJ Special Deluxe 4 Door Sedan.

23 1935 Plymouth factory. Visitors could tour the factory to see the cars being built.

24 1935 Plymouth PJ Coupe Factory Photo. The Standard Plymouth started at $510.

25 1935 Plymouth Sedan Factory Photo. Plymouth DeLuxe started at $660.

26 Taking a cruise in a new 1935 Plymouth.

27 1935 Plymouth Ad.

28 1935 Plymouth Ad.

29 Beautiful Custom 1935 Plymouth Deluxe 2 Door Coupe.

30 Custom 1935 Plymouth Deluxe 2 Door Coupe.

31 Custom wood Instrument Panel and gauges.

32 1935 Custom Plymouth Coupe 250 6 Cyl engine from a 1975 Chevy Nova with 2 Deuces.

33 Plymouth offered hydraulic brakes and Ford only offered mechanical. Plymouth had a tubular front axle and Ford an I-Beam.

34 Custom 1935 Plymouth Deluxe 2 Door Coupe. Interior trunk and outside spare tire. Plymouth offered manifold heat control and Ford did not.

35 Chrysler Corporation turned 10 years old on June 6, 1935. Plymouth was 3rd in sales behind Ford and Chevy with 350,884 units built.

36 1935 Plymouth Ad.

37 1935 Plymouth PJ 4 door sedan. The 1935 Plymouth was built new from the ground up. The 1935 models were completely re-engineered from the 1934 models.

38 The engine was positioned more forward over the front axles. The passenger compartment was moved further toward the rear, increasing legroom and giving better weight distribution.

39 The same X-frame was used but was improved. Briggs supplied the bodies as they had in previous years.

40 The 35 Plymouths started to have some streamlined looks, losing some of the boxy look of its predecessors.

41 1935 also saw a major change in how air flowed into the back passenger area. This included heat as well.

42 Wood grain dashboard and Ivory horn button. Transmission was a manual silent synchro type three speed.

43 Plymouth designers put a passage under the front seat which allowed ventilated air to get back to the rear passengers as well as warm air put out by the car’s heater.

44 This was a welcome improvement to those knowing how cold it could get in the rear passenger area.

45 1935 Plymouth L-head straight-six at 85 hp 6.71 compression.

46 1935 Plymouth PJ 4 door sedan. The front fenders had a pontoon look and curved downward. The rear fenders also had a more rounded look.

47 1935 Plymouth Deluxe PJ 2 door Coupe with side spare.

48 1935 Plymouth Deluxe PJ 2 door humpback. All Deluxe models had chrome plated brass headlights and taillights, chrome windshield frame and stainless hood rings.

49 1935 Plymouth PJ Deluxe 4 door sedan with side spare. The Deluxe had four-wheel hydraulic brakes and semi-elliptical leaf springs used on front and rear suspension.

50 1935 Plymouth Deluxe Convertible. The wheelbase was 113 inches.

51 1935 Plymouth Ad.

52 1935 Plymouth Ad.

53 1935 Plymouth Ad.

54 1935 Plymouth Ad.

55 1935 Plymouth Ad.

56 1935 Plymouth Ad.

57 1935 Plymouth Ad.

58 1935 Plymouth Ad.

59 1935 Plymouth Ad.

60 1935 Plymouth Ad.

61 1935 Plymouth Ad.

62 1935 Plymouth Ad.

Video and audio clips

1935 Plymouth 2 Door

1935 Plymouth 4 Door

1935 Plymouth Deluxe Coupe

1935 Plymouth Testing


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Mario on Jun 17, 2024 said:

My Dad's First car was the newly engineered 1935 Plymouth PJ Deluxe 4 door sedan.

It was roomy, comfortable and put out 80 HP a good amount back in 1935.

This is my Tribute to my Dad's First Car, enjoy, Mario

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azmuscle on Jun 17, 2024 said:

Well let's was Father's Day yesterday. Now who could be so honorable as to create a thread honoring THEIR FATHER??? Nobody, but Mario.

Absolutely a great tribute to a man that provided you with what I've come to realize is a solid foundation for life.

Mario, you are built on rock, not on sand if I may quote the bible.

I cannot imagine the time in which your Dad had so many things to deal with. Being 18 in 1942, look at all he experienced before and after.

The term THE GREATEST GENERATION carries a lot of weight but it's the people who stayed the course, didn't look for the easy way out. They found positive things to motivate themselves in a sea of challenges. Disappointments were not failures. Only a pause in their quest to attain that great American Dream.

I won't tarnish this thread with any comments about how that Great American Dream has been replaced with an ideology that ultimately will lead to a nightmare.

I'm glad God smiled on you Mario to be blessed by a Father that helped create his life and create a man in his son that I'm sure his father IS STILL PROUD OF.

Cars are only a small part of our existence. It's the people, the souls, the personalities and characteristics that make up generations.

I thank God for people like you, and your dad, and my grandfather and others who taught me the things I needed to not only survive in this world, but to LIVE in this complex world.

Sadly it is becoming more complex, and yet we threw those things that made us, into the trash trying to improve them. It wasn't broke, and they tried to fix it. Now look where we are.

And the sad part is, we can't seem to go back as we burn one bridge after another..the bridges to success and life.

Thanks for the thread Mario. I didn't have a father. But my grandfather stepped in when my dad stepped aside. That to me is a real man.

God bless......Rob

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Mario on Jun 18, 2024 said:

Thank you Rob for such kind and Noble words. Your Grandfather raised you with a good heart and poured all his Love into your soul. It certainly shows. You too were built on a rock not sand and all will be good in your life.

Yes Father's Day is important to me remembering my Dad and I had the inspiration to do this Page of my Dad's first car from another one of our great AT friends, George.

George's car show of June 8th in ST Jacobs shows a 1935 Plymouth and I thought why not do a Tribute to my Dad's first car for Father's Day? I learned a lot about the car doing the research and I know my Dad is pleased. Thank you for the inspiration George.

The American Torque family is a good one and I have to thank Brandon our Leader for his inspiration and hard work in developing this site. You have created a fine forum for us car nuts to meet with many other car nuts all over the globe. Thank you Brandon.

Every new Page generated is a Tribute to YOU as well Brandon.

Happy Father's Day to all the AT Dad's out there! Mario

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Mario on Jun 20, 2024 said:

I erroneously deleted Brandon's comment about the Greatest Generation and I agree they are. And who ever is naming the new generations should be fired. Gen X, Gen Z? What kind of names are those?

Thank you Brandon for your insight. Best Regards, Mario

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57timemachine on Jun 26, 2024 said:

I agree about the "Greatest Generation" and they were and are by far. I was born in 1958 but I wish I was of my parents generation. My generation was the begining of the end and every generation after has been further watered down. Getting back to cars, this 35 is a sweet looking car and for me this is the begining of my interest in cars. Cars before the mid thirties had little style and flash. Also engineering wise cars got so much better from this time forward. Mario, like you I am so thankful I have many photos of my parents cars. Thanks for sharing this amazing stuff with the A.T. brotherhood. Cheers.

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Mario on Jun 26, 2024 said:

I Agree George, the Greatest Generation was of our parents. They went through so much heartache and suffering and we're losing them by the thousands every day. I lost my Dad in 2009 and my Mom in 2015. They made me who I am today.

Your car show of June 8th in ST Jacobs shows a 1935 Plymouth and I thought why not do a Tribute to my Dad's first car for Father's Day? He had a 1935 Plymouth. I learned a lot about the car doing the research and I know my Dad is pleased. Thank you George for the inspiration. Cheers, Mario

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