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Dave's '68 Pro Street Cutlass

Avanced Oldsmobile Mathematics

My '68-455 Cutlass power plant. Edelbrock heads, TRW pistons Comp Cams, MSD Pro Billet distrbutor and 6AL box, Offenhauser Tunnel Ram, Two Holley 1850-4's. More stuff

My New fiberglass rear bumper from Glass Tek. These guys do fantastic fiberglass work. The car has one of their glass hoods on it. Fit better than the factory hood!

She needs paint, this summer!

Front end with new Glasstek bumper and repainted headlight nacells, and repaired and repainted grill

Freshly painted Glasstek from bumper.

Bumper in a paint stand I made for it

I also use an Edelbrock Victor 455 with an 8082 1050 Dominator. It runs great with either the tunnel ram or the Dominator.

Don't have a big cam in your hot rod? Not to worry, just dump in a can of Rough Idle and it'll sound like you do!

My emission sticker for the Olds.

Love this old Olds Logo.

I installed a set of Jegs Chrome Moly wheelie bars

Checking the level of the brow bar on the roll cage during installation

Morrison 8 point roll cage install

More install pics

These are the last bars to go in. This was a fairly difficult installation as roll cages go. The top frame rails on these A body cars are slanted downward at about a 45 degree angle. Welding the tubes onto the frame is challenging. I solved the problem by first welding in some wedges and then a level platform to set the bottom of the main hoop on. Made it real easy then.

I put on another fuel pump when the Holley pump that was on it started complaining. This Magna Flow Pump is an absolute work of art.

I put in some Kirkey drag race aluminum seats. Nice job those folks do on their seats. I wish the backs weren't quite so high but still nice.

The passenger seats sits in a aluminum channel. Why I did it this way is beyond me but it works and I'm not gonna redo it!

Drivers view, I almost need a camera on the other side of the hood scoop! It's hard to see what's on the other side. I'm just real careful with the car on the street.

My dog Zephyr, he helps a lot....well sometimes?

Main Fuel pump block between cell and pump intake. I made this thing out of a block of 6061

The polished version

The other end after I drilled and tapped it

The polished part

I redid the paint in the truck and cleaned the entire area up, it needed it!

I repainted the battery boxes too.

The other battery......:-)

These are the hold down plates for the batteries. I shot them with House of Kolor Lavender marbelizer and top coated them with UFC-35 Flow Klear.

Here be the end results

my life long friend Jerry Ryser and I decided to put some flames on his John Deere.....

I laid the flames out and Jerry and I masked them off then I shot them with an Iwata air brush. This was lots of fun.

New Fuel pump being mounted

home made fuel block

Fuel block being test fit

Attaching the hood scoop to the hood, and utilizing the Oldsmobile hood louvers.

Instead of polishing the aluminum on the seats I decided to paint them. Much less work but still not a free ride. I did these in House Of Kolors Blue-Pink Marbelizer. It has 3 coats of UFC-35 Flo Klear on top of it. The seat cover goes over the edges and part of the top of the seat, and it's black.

This is one of the top seat braces required on roll cages under NHRA sanctions. This is also in Blue Marbelizer.

This is one of the seat cross ties done in Lavender Marbelizer

I know this isn't a car pic, it's a pic of a paint gun holder I built for the exorbinante sum of $3.79 cents. It's made out of 1/4 mild steel rod tig welded together. The base is a piece of 4130 Chrome moly left over from a wheelie bar install I did. You don't have to spend $40.00 bucks on a commercial holder!

Put the single 4bbl top on the tunnel ram.

Fitting Edelbrock rear suspension parts

Fitting Edelbrock Antihop bars to rear end

Installed Chev 12 bolt in the Cutlass

I made an adapter to utilize a different type of shock so now the car will take both kinds

Glass Tek Rear bumper, I think I got the first one they did! IT fits great too.

Another view of new bumper

Video and audio clips

Shot with my digital camera not the best quality I'll upgrade it soon.

Drivin_The_Olds_part_1.MPG (11.3 MB)

part II

Drivin_The_Olds_part_2.MPG (6.0 MB)


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v8b2000 on Aug 18, 2011 said:

Talk about Mach 3 with your hair on fire...

[Reply to this comment]

bigrocket on Aug 18, 2011 said:

It's a fun car. Almost as fast as my old race car and I can drive it on the street~!

[Reply to this comment]

Jerzy on Aug 30, 2021 said:

Hi, My name is Pete, do you still run the tunnel ram? I just bought one for my 490 olds

[Reply to this comment]

Anonymous on Aug 25, 2011 said:

Pro Street is the only way to go. Will be posting some pics of the Isuzu Amigo I'm finishing. Scary ass car.

[Reply to this comment]

ghpcnm on Sep 4, 2011 said:

Very Cool Stuff !!! Keep 'er between the ditches.

[Reply to this comment]

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