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Norwich, Ontario, Canada Car Show.

Sunday July, 7, 2024.

My brother Mike and I took in the annual Norwich Car Show held by the long standing Comancheros Car Club. My brother Mike and I cruised there together to an excellent location for a car event. We got there early and there was already an amazing turn out. Cars kept rolling in and the whole area was filled to the brim with sweet looking time machines. I took my 74 Chev Caprice Estate and Mike took his 62 Ford Falcon. Spent a beautiful day talking to good old car folks and breathing in beautiful vintage tin. Check out the rides. Cheers.

1958 GMC with suped up GMC in line six power.

GMC in line power. I am not sure of the size. Probabaly a 302 or 270.

GMC vintage in line six motivation.

Earl 30's Model A.

1974 Plymouth Duster.

Early 50's Chev.

1965 Chev Corvair. Seldom seen four door hardtop.

55 Ford in dire need of a repaint.

Dodge power bulge.

1969 Buick GS.

Couple of Model A's.

1955 Chev 210.

My 74 Chev Caprice Estate.

Brother Mikes 62 Falcon.

1940 Ford.

Plate on 40 Ford.

1979 Chev Monza Spyder.

1960 Plymouth. A very seldom seen car.

1969 Camaro Z/28. I am not sure if it is a real one.

1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL.

1966 Chev.

1968 Chev Bel Air. I have always loved the 68 Chev full size.

1968 Chev Bel Air.

1964 Ford Ranchero.

1960 Buick Invicta.

1960 Buick Invicta.

1956 Dodge.

1956 Dodge.

1963 Mercury Comet.

1963 Mercury Comet 170 in line six.

1938 GMC.

Mike and I hanging out together.

1958 Caddy Eldorado. Sweet sweet class.

1958 Caddy Eldorado. Just ozzing class.

More class.

Class head first.

1977-1978 Chrysler Cordoba.

1959 Chev.

I can see the concern.

As a kid I remember these wannabe choppers.

Model T.

1967 GMC.

1957 Caddy Coupe D Ville.

1957 Caddy Coupe D Ville.

Early 50's Chev.

Very creative car art.

1938 Willys.

1953 Buick Special.

1963 Ford Fairlane.

1968 Chevelle SS.

Early 60's VW Bug.

1970 Mustang.

1967 Austin Mini.

1967 Mini motivation.

Austin Mini wagon.

Austin Mini wagon. Good luck ever seeing another one.

1969 Dodge Super Bee.

1969 Dodge Super Bee 440 six pack.

50's International.

1971 Chev Cheyenne.

Plastic Cobra.

1966 Chev Impala.

Mopar slant six with some real serious attitude.

More Mopar slant six ANGER.

An all out RAT RIG.

1963 Plymouth.

Plymouth 426 Wedge. All hail Mopar Magic.

1973 AMC Javelin.

1959 Desoto Adventurer. I was all over this sweet Mopar.

1959 Desoto Adventurer.

1964 Ford Thunder Bolt tribute.

Thunder Bolt motivation.

1951 Ford Victoria hardtop. Ford had to answer to Chev's 1950 Bel Air hardtop.

40's Fargo delivery. Canadian model of an already super rare vehicle.

50's Nash Metropolitan.

1940 Plymouth.

1962 Pontiac Parisienne. Canadian model.

Chev 400.

1963 Chevy II.

Early 60's Vette.

1957 Dodge. This is a Canadian model Dodge that was a Plymouth with a Dodge front clip. We use to call them Plodges. A hybrid so to speak.

60's Dodge 100.

Early 70's Ford Maverick.

1963 Plymouth. Very serious drag machine.

60's Dodge 100.

Austin Mini wagon.

Austin Mini motivation.


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azmuscle on Jul 9, 2024 said:

George, you have everything from SKULL intakes to Mopar's six cylinder ANGER, to A Mopar 440, and to top it off even a Mini Motivation. Very nice variation on what can get a car down the road.

I saw the four door Corvair and said "WHAT!". I didn't even know they made them. Color me confounded and confused, a normal state for me at times.

The 69 Skylark in my favorite color combo of deep burgundy and white. Time to wipe drool.

I'll need to rent a Tuxedo to drive the Tuxedo Nash Metro.

Can't miss that LIPSTICK PINK Fargo can you?

The Dodge Super Bee with the A83 package awesome.

And the creme de la creme (closest as I can come to French) that Mini Wagon. Add that to my never seen before list.

Well done my Canadian friend. Well done. I enjoyed the tour.

Cheerio, Rob

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Mario on Jul 9, 2024 said:

Hey George you're back again! Your last car show was Georgetown back on June 16th so I'm glad to see your latest car show. It's not like you to go that long but better late than never!

This is another nice car show from our Northern Canadian neighbors. They sure turn out with lots of cars and trucks. And it was nice to see your 74 Chevy Caprice Estate Wagon again. I had a 72 Chevy Wagon and it was a dream to drive with air conditioning!

Lots of great looking cars in this show and my first pick is the beautiful 60 Buick Invicta. I love the white color with red interior and a convertible to boot! And the whitewalls with the red rims make it stand out. A really beautiful seldom seen car, the 60 Buick.

My next choice is the gorgeous 56 Dodge Rose and White 2 door HT. That was a great year for all cars before the finned cars of 57. Again another seldom seen car at shows. This one is in Showroom condition.

Chrysler was just getting started back then before their 1957 Forward Look campaign which generated a lot of sales. I love the 57 Plymouth ad "Suddenly its 1960".

There's a wonderful 1956 Dodge commercial where 3 Jet Pilots drive their 56 Dodges to the base and take off in their Jets. Here is the link if you want to see it:

The 65 Corvair 4 door HT is a rare car and it's a beauty. I actually got to see one in today's Oyster Bay car show which I'll post tomorrow. Another rare car.

Finally the 57 Canadian Dodge with the 57 Plymouth rear is unique. You called them Plodges. Very unique indeed.

Thank you for posting all the pictures George and I'm looking forward to more of your car Shows. Cheers my Canadian friend, Mario

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57timemachine on Jul 9, 2024 said:

Rob and Mario, the kind words are always appreciated .My American old vintage tin friends. Mario the word Plodge was a nick name that was given them being half Plymouth and half Dodge. I missed a bunch of events between those two shows you mentioned because of rain outs. Cheers.

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