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larry's bow ties

1929 chevrolet 5 pass. coach


THE CURRENT FLEET. one, owner built. one, pickup truck and one, passenger car. all with heat a/c and tunes. that's enough for an old car nut. The pickup & the were bought new from same dealer. G. M. at dealership was a friend and neighbor when I lived in Ky.

29 chevy a 4 year build. mechanic since 1957 age 15 yrs., ase certified master since 1983. retired in 2004. I built this car over four years and a couple months period Starting in February of 2014.

Dec. 23 2013 (monochrome) Let the journey begin.

dec. 2013 before. Was 6cyl. But not oem. Interior redone in 60s ? By second owner In green valour, black was repainted but green is original paint. Sold new in Memphis Tx. Second owner bought car Jan. 5 1942, I have that title. More pics and info to follow. Still a mechanic but no typist.

water jacket was cracked the length of the block, head was also cracked.

I never liked the fabric tops in the old cars. a van roof would have worked, but not for me. 20 ga. cf sheet fitted to opening and secured with clecos. welded in .75 in. at a time alternating side to side to prevent warping. wind splits on side are 3/8 in. steel tubing. requiring minimal filler.

engine set back is orig. upright, metal from six cyl. split down the middle, welded bottom to bottom and depth increased 2 in.

wwelding complete time for finish work.

first time using base coat clear coat paint. all the corvettes i painted were lacquer.

1929 Chevrolet 5 passenger coach. (some assembly required.)

original cross members were left in place until upfit to maintain frame dimension. silver finish in other photos is Eastwood rust encapsulant. decided it was not necessary, frame was just cleaned sanded and painted.

welding in shorts, not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

700r4 will have lock up torque convertor.

managed to get everything back inside. IT WORKS!

edelbrock carb. went on engine inatalled in 48 f1 pick up prior to sale. holley steet avenger on this build.

this is the 5.7 from my second new truck at 130,000 mi. removed in 1987. rebuilt in 2005 for my 48 ford f1. 2 hrs. break in time on my home made engine stand. see 48 ford f1 page. ford page was taken down, to many pages to juggle.

home made engine test stand, one of three. this one from the early 80s.built bettrer one and sold this one. repeat.

My 29 Chevy at chubby's Tuesday night cruise in Blanchester, Ohio

fabricated from half in.. square steel tubing, pieces cut and fitted in mdf jig for welding. I did not want the car mistaken for a model A.

a/c and heater hoses routed through frame rails behind boxing plate.

not my favorite part of the build.

overhead console for pioneer nav. sys. am/fm, cd/dvd, bluetooth, back up cam., gps.

view of under side.

on the road in my 29, this is why all the hard work and $$$$$. A LABOR OF LOVE>

a kodak monent. A stop for lunch at the general store. this building has been a general store since 1899. it's been a barbecue ribs joint and a pizza place, they didn't fly.

this is my upgrade this winter. holley sniper fi in black ceramic.

install hood sides (a different look)

i've been driving it like this since finished sept. 2018. thought it was time for a few changes.

install hood side panels.

HAT'S OFF to three. William S. Knudsen, Zora Arkus Duntov and Jon Moss. will add page of, all my trucks have been bowties. no my ex's don't live in Texas. but that would make good song. you chevrolet people will know who they are and what they've done.

install luggage rack (for lawn chairs and cooler). this a reproduction rack for a model a ford.

fabricate all new mount system. ford frame different.

A "6" for the price of a four. that was the ad. 29 was the first year for the 6 cyl. first for dual beam headlights, and first for electric gas guage in dash.

I'll ad a list of the options at a later date.

overhead console for pioneer nav. sys. am/fm stereo, cd/dvd, blue tooth, mp3, gps, back up cam. and usb port. dual electric wipers. heat, defrost and a/c. 5.7l v8, 4 spd. od trans. w/lock up tq. 700r4. posi. trac. diff. 4 wheel disc brakes. dual exh.

storeage pockets on back of seats and doors.

all the Chevys at home July 1 2022. getting some sun in the side yard while I clean the garage.

A box to put them in.

I'll add to this from time to time. they get covered up so fast they don't get many views. what's happening with Rick and his blue firebird project? he got covered up in about 72 hrs.

larry's garage apr. 2004 this is the fourth gen.

great idea showing cams shop. need a heading at top. (like show us your inliners) these photos are within the last year. so many projects so little time. have a good day and lets see more shops and man caves- toy boxes.

Pick up, 29 chevy and 96 getting custom mounts for 8in. GARMIN DRIVESMART GPS AND BACK UP CAMERA OCT. 2023. 29 has bc in pioneer nav. Sys. But it's set to default, used as rear view mirror.

cams shop looks fantastic. a man after my own heart. give him my best wishes. get him on here to post more about the mini. and the elcamino. and other toys. I'll try to keep up. i had a 78 elky for about 5 yrs. almost a daily. keep your hands dirty. keep the toys rolling.

larry's garage photo from 1957. It all started here at 15 yrs. Old. One bay of 4 car garage.after my step father passed away in 61 I took over the other three. This location behind mom's house was my domain until 72 then used for storage of project cars (corvettes). Until 86. I'll post photos of other locations.

expand to all 4 bays in 62.

gen, 2 action here, storage at gen. 1 until 89. I tried to rotate it ?

gen 3 after divorce, this loc. 92-04. photo 01. see gen. 4 above.

pick up an imp ss I still have. camaro replaced by 02 trail blazer ext. second wifes driver. date incorrect on digital camera. yah think.

someone elses project not driveable or safe, but cheap.

first build of 48 f1. 78 el camino was one owner car with 115,431 mi. i just freshened it up, put wheels on it and drove it.

photo from around 2014

second build 48 f1

photo shop chop and channel

get out the torch and sawsall.

theres no turning back. IT WAS A LOT EASIER IN PHOTO SHOP

lot of work and many hours

third version of first build build at new location date around 2005 this photo from around 2008

96 ss at about 2 hours old. just home from dealer.

the ss some where in west Virgina. yr. 2022

lt1 in a 4 door. launches like a rocket ship and rides like the living room sofa.

third new truck, after some minor modifications 87 k5 blazer/with all the factory toys.


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Mario on Nov 29, 2021 said:

Nice 29 Chevy Larry. You did a lot of work in 4 years. Looks like you updated it quite a bit. Tell us about it and what engine do you have. More pics too please. Regards, Mario

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oldkuma on Nov 29, 2021 said:

i've added a brfore pic. also have 600 plus during biuld. i like your 67 imp. i'm a retired mechanic since 1957 ase cert. master since 1983 ret. 2004 and still play cars. will post moe pics. and info. thanks, larry

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Nov 29, 2021 said:

The before pic looks great! You had a good start in modifying and upgrading the car. Came out nice.

[Reply to this comment]

oldkuma on Nov 29, 2021 said:

29 chevy 5 pass. coach bought dec. 2013 built started feb. 14 finished oct. 18 2018 . 5.7l 4 bolt main. built to 350 hp specs. 700r4 trans. lockup conv. diff. 10 bolt posi. tci rear steer rack and pinion frt. susp. tci 4 link rear. 4 wheel disc. ride tech coilover f&r vintage heat &a/c pioner nav. sys. stereo, gps, back up cam.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Nov 29, 2021 said:

Can't beat the Chevy 350 I had that in my 69 Camaro SS. Bought it new kept it 10 years and sold it for what I paid for it! Worth a lot more today! The 66 Chevy II 327/350 was a killer on the tracks back then. Still is. Always liked it. The 68 Vette you had was first year of the Mako Shark Coke Bottle look. Very aero and classy. You had some nice cars and must have a lot of good memories.

[Reply to this comment]

oldkuma on Dec 4, 2021 said:

Love those big hips. A friend of mine bought one new after I got the chevy II ss his the impala in dark blue ss with a 427 and 4spd. My next purchace was the corvette.

[Reply to this comment]

oldkuma on Dec 12, 2021 said:

i saw your tribute to your dads cars. great memories and photo history. i've had to make my own, my dads view of an automobile was a way to get from point a to point b. we had a 47 ply. 4dr. until around 1958 when he died in 1962 we had a 50 chev. 4dr.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Dec 13, 2021 said:

Thanks Larry. My Dad's love of cars rubbed off on me. I made a photo album of all his cars and gave to him before he passed. I turned the photo album into a Tribute Page on this website for him. Mario

[Reply to this comment]

oldkuma on Dec 6, 2021 said:

thanks for your support and interest, i have about 700 pics. of the build (i love my digital cameras) i'll select a few and move to a separate file to post. wish i knew how to type.

[Reply to this comment]

57timemachine on Nov 29, 2021 said:

Larry, sweet collection of Chevy's especially the original 1930-1931 ? Can you tell us more about that one. We all know 1929 was the first year for Chevy's famous in line six and I would imagine your car has the same historical six in it. To still have that 66 350 H.P. Chevy II would be something real sweet. Do you know what happened to it. Keep on Chevyin.

[Reply to this comment]

oldkuma on Dec 4, 2021 said:

29 was the first year for high/low beam headlights and gas gage in dash 29 had two one in dash and earler style float gage at righy side of tank.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Dec 31, 2021 said:

Happy New Year 2022 Larry! Mario

[Reply to this comment]

57timemachine on Dec 2, 2021 said:

Oops I goofed, it is a 29 Chev. Land mark car with Chevy's first in line six cylinder. I know yours has a bent eight though. Cheers.

[Reply to this comment]

azmusclecar on Dec 20, 2021 said:

AWESOME Larry......I wish I had the talent and skills of some of you builders. I'm just a shadetree mechanic who does the R&R. Repair of Replace. I still glue my fingers together with Super Glue and then need to seek the wife's nail polish remover to regain digital freedom.

Well done Larry, hat's off to Larry.

Wait, that was an old Doo Wop song.......

here's the link if you don't believe me.

[Reply to this comment]

oldkuma on Jan 16, 2022 said:

gluing your fingers togather when using super glue is correct usage of product. j b weld also migrates wherew it's not wanted. memory ? at 79 (what was i saying)? it's nice to know their are people who understand whats envolved in these projects.

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Jan 16, 2022 said:

I was ready to buy a new 1966 Chevy II SS 327/350 hp but I left college and knew I would be drafted since I was 19 and decided to join the Marines instead!

Then after I made Sgt in 1968 and returned from Vietnam I ordered a new 1968 Corvette thru the Military and had to pick up at the factory.

I decided not to get it after I got back from a 6 month Med Cruise and waited for the 69 Camaro SS to come out and bought that instead. War changes things and your life!

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Aug 19, 2023 said:

Larry I don't know where to start! Your garage is absolutely Awesome! All the tools and things a Car Nut needs to build anything! I am very impressed. You and Cam are both inspirational in my book! I wanted to be a mechanic but the war ended that dream so I enlisted instead and don't regret it.

I see you're still active doing what you love to do and that keeps you young. My math says you're over 80 years young and living your dreams. I'm right behind you at 76 years and have been a car nut forever.

Keep posting your pictures of all your cars and the love of building and modifying that you are so talented in doing. Great pictures and stories Larry. Cheers, Mario

[Reply to this comment]

oldkuma on Sep 7, 2023 said:

Mario, I just saw your comment, thanks for the kind words. I'll post photos of other gens. as well. thanks to all who have viewed and commented. Larry

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Aug 7, 2022 said:

Great looking Chevy cars Larry. Each one unique and beautiful. You have a natural talent in making these cars come to life! Love seeing your creations Larry. Cheers, Mario

[Reply to this comment]

Anonymous on Aug 19, 2023 said:

When I review a thread, I look everywhere for the hidden things others may not see, Not always on the car, but the talent and skill it takes to make forms and jigs so things go together correctly. I see so many tool I wish I had.

I'm amazed at how much money can be invested (as I tell my wife) in tools and machinery. I believe most all my tools would fit in the smallest UHaul trailer. But I've had fun doing what I could do with the talent and skill I've learned over my 70 years.

I admire the skills of master craftsman, but also the mindset it takes to be able to go step by step by step and always look forward to completing a dream, while others end up with nightmares.

I'm glad God made us all different, so we can appreciate others for the gifts they've been given and hope my gifts would also be appreciated.

I'm content to be able to do the little things I can. Be grateful for all one has.

[Reply to this comment]

oldkuma on Aug 21, 2023 said:

thanks for viewing my page. sounds like you make what you need to get the job done. if you have a page please log on and show us your projects. if not please get a site and join the group. at 81 yrs. old i'm slowing down but still going. thanks! and god bless. (LARRY)

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Sep 5, 2023 said:

Hey Larry I didn't see you taking the 50's and 60's Name the Cars Game. Are you up to it? I know you will do well. Cheers, Mario

[Reply to this comment]

oldkuma on Sep 6, 2023 said:

OK I'll try them. I do not expect to score well on the penta star group though. Mario, we really need some new young builders and gearheads on here. Do not let this hobby die!!! LARRY

[Reply to this comment]

Mario on Sep 9, 2023 said:

Hi Larry, I wanted to show you all the Pages I have posted on AT since I started in 2012. I've posted so far 139 different Pages. I try to get many car enthusiasts involved with a variety of subjects.

Here is my link for all 139 Pages for you to look at. Just copy the link and paste on your browser:

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57timemachine on Oct 27, 2023 said:

Larry, interesting automotive journey. Thanks for sharing it with the A.T. brotherhood. Cheers.

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